Rural Mechanization in New Era Gaining Momentum









In pursuance of the new programme for the rural revolution advanced by   Kim Jong Un, General Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea made a big stride in 2022, heralding the start of rural mechanization in the new era.

The country’s munitions industry sector and machine-building sector manufactured 5 500 efficient farm machines and hundreds of combined rice stripper-threshers, respectively, and supplied them to all the farms and workteams in South Hwanghae Province, the big agricultural province and the main granary of the country. The new farm machines included mobile combined rice stripper-threshers, small-size rice harvesters, combined maize stripper-threshers and combined soil preparation machines. They were designed in such a way as to be suited to the actual conditions of the country and simple to handle.

This is not all. The first-stage renovation project of the Kumsong Tractor Factory, a leading tractor production base of the DPRK, was completed, making the factory capable of mass-producing high-performance tractors and various other efficient farm machines and of propelling the development of automobile industry of the country.

In a word, 2022 can be called a year in which a bright prospect for vigorously speeding up the comprehensive mechanization of the rural economy of the country was made.