Flower Buds that Never Bloomed



Recently, the British media reported the case of a nurse charged with the murder of 7 neonates and attempted murder of 6 more, throwing everyone into consternation.

She injected insulin and air into the newborn babies she was in charge of and forced them to drink milk. She often used all sorts of violence towards the babies leading them to death. According to the reports, there was a baby less than a day old among the victims.

It is also reported that a diary, written by the criminal herself, was found in her house. She wrote in the diary that she was not kind-hearted enough to take care of new born babies and she did kill the babies intentionally.

It is an act of barbarism that makes every parent with children and any human being with love and affection shudder.

Such a heinous crime can only be seen in the animal world where ethics and morality are ignored. And it is proving that the human rights, the rule of law, freedom and prosperity advocated by the “civilized nations” of capitalism are no more than deceitful slogans.

Japan also witnesses the situation where children, the future of humankind, are being subjected to tragic fate rather than being placed under social care and protection even before they come into blossom.

One of the Japanese news agencies reported that 2,461 cases were recorded in 2022 where children suffered deaths, injuries, etc. at nursery schools, kindergartens and other child-care facilities. This was 114 cases more than the year before, an all-time record.

Every social phenomenon has its cause.

The above shocking cases and numbers are infallible results of the gangster life logic that “A human being is a wolf towards his fellow being” and the extreme misanthropy. These are rooted in individualism, the ideological foundation of the capitalist society.

The human rights situations in capitalist countries where all sorts of social evils, immorality and depravity are prevalent, may as well be termed incurable as they are inveterate evils in the capitalist system.