From the Korean Committee for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries on the anniversary of the foundation of the Workers’ Party of Korea

Today the Workers’ Party of Korea is called the great party of  Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.
President Kim Il Sung was an outstanding leader who founded the Workers’ Party of Korea and developed it into an authoritative force guiding Korean society and the cause of independence of mankind.

When Korea was under Japanese military occupation, he embarked on the road of revolution in his teens. In 1926 he formed the Down-with-Imperialism Union, which served as the historical roots of the WPK. He also authored the Juche Idea, a new scientific outlook on the world, reflecting the people’s aspiration for independence and demands of the times. This is the guiding ideology of the WPK. He waged the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle for 20 years and liberated the country on August 15, 1945. On October 10, 1945, immediately after the liberation, he founded the WPK and led it for half a century.

He built the WPK into a mass-based party composed of workers, peasants and intellectuals, and ensured that all its activities were oriented towards championing and realizing the demands and interests of the masses of the people.

The DPRK abolished exploitation and oppression, backwardness and poverty once and for all and rose up as a socialist paradise centred on the masses and a socialist power independent, self-sufficient and self-reliant in national defence.

The cause of President Kim Il Sung was brilliantly carried forward by Chairman Kim Jong Il of the DPRK National Defence Commission. Chairman Kim Jong Il strengthened the WPK into the party of Kim Il Sung, a powerful guiding force of revolution and led it along the road of victory. For his exploits performed in laying the eternal foundations for the building of a thriving country, he is now held in high esteem as the eternal General Secretary of the WPK.

He formulated Kimilsungism and led the cause of modelling the whole WPK on Kimilsungism, thus ensuring that the WPK entered a new stage of its development. He embodied the Juche Idea and relevant ideas and theories based on it in building and dveloping the WPK into a party which has thoroughly established the ideoloical and leadership systems of the leader, a motherly party which has formed a harmonious whole with the masses and faithfully serves them, and a militant party with a strong sense of organization and discipline.

Once a weak colonial state which eclipsed on the world map a century ago, the DPRK has developed into a political and military power that has possessed nuclear weapons, and the one capable of manufacturing and launching artificial earth satellite. It is now making leaps forward towards the goal of a thriving, civilized socialist state. Full credit should go to President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il, eternal leaders of the WPK.

Chairman Kim Jong Un and all the party members are steadfast in their will and determination to add eternal brilliance to the WPK as the great party of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.