Happy Mothers in DPRK



To show respect for mothers and praise their maternal love, many countries in the world have designated and celebrate the Mother’s Day with great significance.

Mother’s Day is designated differently in every country. The way of celebrating it also differs from each other. However, there is one common aspiration. That is; on this day, the sons and daughters show their highest respect for and the deepest gratitude towards their mothers who brought them to the world and raised them with love and care.

In our country, November 16 is designated as the Mother’s Day. The whole country is in the jolly good mood of celebrating it when this day comes every year.

On this day, we can read on the faces of our mothers the immense pride and endless joy of being the Korean women who enjoy dignified life generation after generation under the loving care of peerless great men.

10 years ago, in 2012, respected Comrade Kim Jong Un proclaimed November 16 as the Mother’s Day. It was the day when President Kim Il Sung made a historic speech “The Duty of Mothers in the Education of Children” at the 1st National Meeting of Mothers. And Comrade Kim Jong Un saw to it that a grand conference was held on the occasion of the first Mother’s Day.

With the significant conference approaching, he also took measures to confer the title of Labor Hero – the greatest honor of a citizen – to the mothers who gave birth to and brought up many children to be excellent heirs to the nation and revolution, and also to the mothers who made noteworthy contributions to the patriotic struggle for social development.

Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un also saw to it that not only the mothers who gave birth to many children but also the mothers who are raising children without parents, wives of army officers, labor innovators and other exemplary mothers were chosen as representatives to the conference. He also gave meticulous guidance on fixing up their place of stay, lest the representatives suffer discomfort during the period of the conference.

Particularly, reading the innermost thoughts of representatives with infants, he also took unprecedented measures to set up a nursery in the place of stay and to send nurses so that they could stay with their own children even during the period of the conference.

Though respected Comrade Kim Jong Un had a busy time leading the overall work of the Party and the State, he met with the participants in the conference and gave them encouragement saying that our Party and people are honored to have such great mothers. He also expressed his expectation and conviction that all mothers and women in the country would display the honor of female revolutionists and flowers of the era. Then he had a photo session with them that would be handed down generation after generation.

Not a few politicians in history made efforts to ensure the rights of women.

But none of them had raised the dignity and status of women to such a highest stage as our Marshal who attached great importance to women’s social status and role and organized the national conference so that mothers, under the attention of the Party and the State, could greet Mother’s Day with all blessings of the country.

Mothers in the DPRK, who are leading a dignified life under the tender loving care of respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, find their greatest pride and happiness in bringing up their children to be the genuine patriots who devotedly serve the society, collective, country and people rather than just take care of their own family affairs.