The Juche idea calls for maintaining the principle of Juche in ideology. The principle is the guiding principle to be adhered to by the party and state in their activities for applying the attitude as masters of the revolution in the ideological field.
Establishing Juche in ideology is a primary requirement of the masses’ revolutionary struggle for independence.
It is the only way to establish Juche in politics, economy, defence and all other domains.
Establishing Juche in ideology means having the consciousness that one is the master of the revolution in one’s own country. It also means thinking and doing everything with the revolution in one’s own country put into main consideration and acquiring the viewpoint and attitude of solving all questions by one’s own talents and initiative.
Without this viewpoint and attitude, one can neither display an independent thinking ability nor conduct creative activities.
In order to establish Juche in ideology, it is necessary to equip oneself with the revolutionary ideas of the working class and with the policies of one’s party. Only then, will one be able to carry out the revolution and construction successfully, however difficult and complex the situation is, with the awareness that one is the master of the revolution.
If one is to establish Juche in thinking, one must be well versed in one’s own things.
Only when one knows the things of one’s country well, will one be able to solve all problems to suit one’s specific conditions and in conformity with the aspirations and requirements of one’s people. It is also necessary to possess a high sense of national dignity and revolutionary pride. A nation with a strong sense of national dignity and revolutionary pride is unconquerable, but a nation without this attribute is powerless.
If Juche is to be established in ideology, flunkeyism, dogmatism and other outdated ideas should be rejected categorically. The elucidation of the principle of Juche in ideology provided a powerful ideological and theoretical weapon to bring up the masses as the true masters of the revolution and fully enlist their strength in achieving victory in the revolution and construction.