KCNA Commentary Censures S. Korean Conservative Group’s Pro-Japanese Acts

Pyongyang, September 5 (KCNA) — The pro-Japanese nature of the south Korean conservative groups was more clearly revealed by its attitude towards the “government’s” decision to cancel the general security of military intelligence agreement (GSOMIA) with Japan.

As soon as the decision was made public, the conservative group including the “Liberal Korea Party” strongly opposed it, branding it as “a gambling which compromises the alliance with Japan”, “a self-wrong which jolts the axis for national security” and “a thoughtless and emotional countermeasure”.

The destruction of GSOMIA is very reasonable as it is a representation of the south Korean people who came out in resistance to Japan, being unable to repress their indignation at Japan’s impudent moves to evade the reparation for its past crimes and cripple the south Korean economy.

This being a fact, the conservative group, failing to make a protest against Japan, the sworn enemy of the Korean nation, is calling upon the “government” to cancel the rightful decision while siding with the enemy. Their reckless act clearly shows their foul nature as the group of pro-Japanese traitors.

What matters is that the opposition by the conservative group to the decision did not just stem from its feelings of sycophancy.

Lurking behind this is its black-hearted intention to realize the ambition to seize power by justifying the pro-Japanese crimes committed by traitor Park Geun Hye who concluded the GSOMIA with the guys of the island nation, and by kowtowing to foreign forces.

The GSOMIA started by traitor Lee Myung Bak and concluded at the end of the Park Geun Hye’s regime is a collective work done by the treacherous and conservative regime and the most typical evil in the fields of diplomacy and security.

It is as clear as noonday that more open public discussion of the reactionary nature of the agreement and stronger public demand for its cancellation will prompt greater opposition to and criticism of the conservative group, the ringleader of the fabrication of the treacherous agreement, at home and abroad and they would cast a dark shadow over the attempts of the conservatives to come into power.

In a word, the cancellation of the GSOMIA is a “bad luck” for the conservative forces working hard to nullify the success registered by the candlelight demonstrators and seize power at any cost.

Hwang Kyo An who worked as “prime minister” when Park Geun Hye concluded the agreement terms the authorities’ decision “one for internal politics” and “insult to the people” while linking it with an irrelevant matter. This is no more than a cunning trick to appease the public criticism getting stronger as the days go by.

It is very natural that the south Korean people label the conservative group as the “bastard of politics”, “Japanese pirates in south Korea” and “those parasitic on Abe”.

All strata of south Korean society should never pardon the conservative group of traitors who are making desperate efforts to realize their dirty ambition for power even by selling the dignity and interests of the nation to malicious Japan. -0-