KCNA Commentary Censures U.S. Senator’s Anti-DPRK Remarks

Pyongyang, September 5 (KCNA) — Some time ago, Ted Cruz, senator of the U.S., dared to slander the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK.

His mud-slinging is a politically-motivated provocation to the DPRK as it represented the perspective of the conservative lawmakers on the DPRK, not just his own personal view.

His remarks made at an acute time when the DPRK-U.S. dialogue is in a stalemate and nobody is sure whether the situation will keep going on the path of detente or go back to the origin of confrontation are, indeed, very dangerous ones just like adding fuel to the flames.

As a descendent of a renegade who fled his motherland Cuba, Cruz took the lead in branding the former U.S. administration’s plan to recover the relations with Cuba as a “tragic mistake”. When a resolution demanding the lift of the U.S. blockade against Cuba passed the UN General Assembly session by an overwhelming majority in October 2016, the human scum asserted that the policy on sanctions on Cuba must remain a must policy and law of the U.S.

When he was competing for the presidency on the Republican ticket in 2016, he spouted the rhetoric that the nuclear pact with Iran dramatically damages the interests of the U.S. and that if he becomes president, he would immediately mount a military attack on Iran, only to be called a war maniac.

When there occurred a terrorist attack in Brussels, Belgium in March 2016, he called for immediately stopping the plan of receiving evacuees from Syria, while treating Muslims as “criminals” and also called for tightening patrol and guard in the Islamic settlements, only to be branded as a radical racist in the U.S. political circle.

No wonder, heavyweight lawmakers from the Republican Party contended if he becomes a presidential candidate from the Republican Party, it will be a big disaster.

He, therefore, has become notorious not only in the U.S. but even in the Republican Party as “an ultra-rightist detested by everyone”, “a liar” and “a demon in human shape”.

His behavior is sure to make everyone take him as a remnant of Nazis with extreme misanthropy or a hysteric psychopath bereft of reason.

We will never pardon whoever provokes the dignity of the supreme leadership of our country but will make those pay dearly for what they have done by all means. -0-