KCNA Commentary Urges S. Korean Military Warmongers to Behave Themselves

Pyongyang, September 6 (KCNA) — The south Korean military warmongers are running high fever in their moves to introduce F-35As.

On August 21, they deployed two more F-35As in an air force base in North Chungchong Province, six in total by now.

They are now speaking loudly of introducing more than ten F-35As within this year and 40 by 2021.

This shows that despite their lip-service to easing military tension and confidence-building, the south Korean authorities are, in fact, set to completely check the peaceful trend on the Korean peninsula by persistently confronting themselves with the north.

What should not be overlooked is their open rhetoric that the ultra-modern military hardware including F-35A will become the most effective means for launching a preemptive precision attack on major targets such as Pyongyang and for “neutralizing” the north in case of emergency.

Herein lies the real purpose of the south Korean warmongers pushing ahead with the introduction of updated military hardware in disregard of the north’s repeated warnings and opposition.

They generate a handshake of peace in public but behind the scene, grind a sword for confrontation and war. This is an unpardonable act of perfidy.

The south Korean authorities are unilaterally and violently breaching the north-south agreements in which both sides committed to totally stop all military hostile acts towards the dialogue partner, the root cause of military tension and conflict.

Since the publication of the Panmunjom Declaration, they have poured huge amounts of money into the purchase of ultra-modern military hardware including Global Hawk, P-8A Poseidon, Patriot, drone for special operation, SM-3 and air tankers while getting vocal about “vacuum of force” and “existent threat from the north”.

This year alone, they conducted various north-targeted joint military exercises with the U.S. in camera more than one hundred times and missile-launching drills over ten times.

All the facts clearly prove who the harasser of peace and stability on the Korean peninsula is.

We will never remain a passive onlooker to the dangerous acts of threatening safety of Koreans and regional peace.

The south Korean authorities should behave themselves, bearing in mind that they will be made to pay a dear price for their north-targeted military drills and the stepped-up introduction of ultra-modern military hardware. -0-