Wild Theater of Child Abuse

http://www.mfa.gov.kp/en/wild-theater-of-child-abuse/ At the recent 48th Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council, several countries expressed their strong concern over the trafficking in persons and forced labor in the United States. Spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry pointed out in an answer to the question put in this connection by a journalist on September 23 […]

American-style “Human Rights” – Global Laughing Stock

http://www.mfa.gov.kp/en/american-style-human-rights-global-laughing-stock/ Amid the worsening immigration crisis in the southern border area of the United States, a video clip showing American border patrols coercively deporting Haitian immigrants by whipping them and a document revealing plights of immigrants living in the U.S. were made public, prompting a huge outcry throughout the international society. Some of the border […]

Japanese Crime of Destruction and Plunder of Korean Cultural Assets in the Past (14)From Friend.com.kp

http://friend.com.kp/index.php/articles/view/5485   The initial targets in the Japanese destruction and plunder of the Korean cultural assets were the old tombs of different ages distributed throughout the country. It was age-old custom of the Korean nation to protect and keep the tombs of their forefathers carefully and make sacrifices to their ancestors with all sincerity. The […]

Japanese Past Crime of Destruction and Plunder of Korean Cultural Assets (13)From Friend.com.kp

http://friend.com.kp/index.php/articles/view/5460   Japanese themselves admit that Japan has more Korean bells than Korea itself does. A subsidized historian Tadashi Sekino revealed the plunder of the Korean bells of many dynasties by saying there were only a few of the bells made during the Silla dynasty in Korea and so he could study the style of […]

Kim Il Sung and Non-aligned Movement

Sixty years have elapsed since the Non-aligned Movement made its official appearance on the international arena. The First Summit Conference of the Non-aligned Nations was held in September 1961 in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, with the participation of representatives of 25 official member states and three observer states, signalling the start of the movement. This was an […]

DIU and Kim Il Sung

  In the middle of the 1920s, the imperialists’ colonial enslavement policy toward other countries and nations was at its height. Almost all the countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America were reduced to their colonies. The Korean people were suffering under the colonial yoke as their country was occupied militarily by Japan (1905-1945). The […]

KCNA Report

Pyongyang, October 4 (KCNA) — The Korean Central News Agency issued the following report on Monday: Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea and president of the State Affairs of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), in the historic policy speech he made at the 5th Session of the 14th […]

Resenting Public Sentiment

http://www.mfa.gov.kp/en/resenting-public-sentiment/ All kinds of violence ruthlessly trampling on the dignity and rights of persons hold the most serious form in the worldwide human rights crimes, and without completely terminating them, human rights themselves cannot be thought of. The United Nations General Assembly at its 61st Session in June 2007 decided to observe the International Day […]