Reckless Military Aid to Ukraine is Suicidal Act of Inviting Disaster: Int’l Affairs Analyst of DPRK

Pyongyang, December 9 (KCNA) — Ro Ju Hyon, an international affairs analyst of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, released the following article titled “Reckless military aid to Ukraine is suicidal act of inviting disaster”:

The Washington Post of the U.S. on Dec. 4 carried an article disclosing the fact that the amount of 155 mm artillery shells the U.S. supplied to Ukraine this year by taking over from the Republic of Korea (ROK) surpasses the amount of shells delivered by European countries by far.

According to it, the Biden administration of the U.S., faced with a difficult task of satisfying the Ukrainian demand for shells, calculated that about 330 000 155 mm shells can be delivered in 40-odd days by persuading the ROK and, on this basis, got down to negotiations on a full scale. As a result, the delivery of shells started from the beginning of this year.

This brought to light once again the truth behind the shameless fraud of the ROK which has insisted so far that it had never delivered lethal weapons to Ukraine.

In April last, puppet traitor Yoon Suk Yeol, in a press interview, made reckless remarks that south Korea can provide weapons to Ukraine in case of serious situation such as large-scale attack on civilians, massacre and violation of war laws, only to invite a backlash from Russia.

At that time, Russia gave a strong warning to the ROK that the offer of weapons to Ukraine would be regarded as an open hostility towards Russia, saying that a new enemy trying to help the enemy of Russia appeared.

Nevertheless, the ROK handed over a large quantity of shells to the puppet Kiev authorities, the amount of which exceeds the one provided by European countries. This is the top-class pro-U.S. act to put even the West, steeped in anti-Russia policy, into the shade.

The political and military gangsters of the ROK have resorted to all sorts of sleight of hand, claiming that they do not provide deadly weapons and that they are working hard to maintain friendly relations with Russia in a bid to cover up their criminal acts. But now that the truth has been brought to light again, world people are sternly watching how the ROK would try to mock the international community again.

It is a vivid manifestation of hostility towards Russia to render military support to the puppet Zelenskiy clique who is waging an unjust proxy war against Russia, a country of the fellow countrymen, as a faithful servant of the U.S. And it is also a war criminal act against peace that instigates the prolonged existence of the bloody Ukrainian crisis.

The international community clearly grasps the hidden intention of the puppet forces of the ROK trumpeting about “arms deal” and derides the dirty plot of the ROK to cover up their criminal nature of getting hell-bent on the military support to Ukraine as the running dog to the U.S.

The wrong choice of the puppet forces of the ROK will inevitably bring only catastrophic disaster and the worst consequences.

The just international community aspiring after global peace and security should frustrate all the anti-peace war moves of the U.S. and its minions by concerted efforts. -0- (Juche112.12.9.)
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