Reply to “Down With the Crown”

Recently the Facebook page carried a scurrilous attack on People’s Korea making a false comparison between the DPRK and the British monarchy ,failing to understand the fundamental difference between the people-centred socialist system in the DPRK and the imperialist , capitalist system in Britain. They even falsely claimed that the train carrying respected Marshal KIM JONG UN was a ‘luxury train  paid for by taxpayers’.

Our KFA UK Organisation Secretary and head of West of England KFA UK put some comments on the page which were then deleted and he was blocked by the page admins .

‘Down with the Crown ‘ lies about the DPRK show that they are DPRKphobic and Juchephobic  and just repeat the slanders of the establishment and mainstream media against the DPRK. There is a tendency on the Fake Left , the liberal left to make false comparisons between the DPRK and capitalist states.

Our reply to Down with the Crown is as follows:

Marshal KIM JONG UN’s train does not belong to him it is state property and taxation was abolished in the DPRK in 1974 . The train in question is probably 40 years old and is simply a standard DPRK train which has the crest of State Affairs Commission of the DPRK on it .

Travelling by rail is much cheaper and environmentally friendly than air travel.

The DPRK is not a monarchy. Marshal KIM JONG UN is the elected head of state and was elected as general secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea. In 2010 comrade KIM JONG UN was elected by the 3rd conference of the Workers Party of Korea (which represented millions of Party members and their families ) as vice-chairman of the Central Military Commission of the Workers Party of Korea (WPK) and as a member of the Central Committee of the WPK. Later in April 2012 Marshal KIM JONG UN was elected to the top posts of the Party and state, by the Conference of the Workers Party of Korea and by the Supreme People’s Assembly . Under a monarchy, the head of state is not elected.

There was no Coronation in the DPRK, no golden coaches, and no anointing with magic oils , instead ordinary working people voted for a new leader through the Party and representative organs such as the Supreme People’s Assembly.

President KIM IL SUNG, the founder of People’s Korea and eternal leader of the country, came from a most humble background, he was the son of a poor peasant. He fought a 15-year-long armed struggle often sleeping in forests. As the leader of the DPRK had led a modest life , often dressed in the same clothes as workers and farmers and visited ordinary work units and villages many times .

Chairman KIM JONG IL actually worked on construction sites in Pyongyang and at Lathe No 26 in the Pyongyang Textile Machine Factory . He wore the same parka for many years. Rain, snow or sunshine , leader KIM JONG IL gave on the spot guidance. In the period of the “Arduous March” and “forced march” which lasted from September 1994 to December 1999 comrade KIM JONG IL gave on-the-spot guidance 247 times covering a distance of 129,000 km.

Marshal KIM JONG UN is a true people’s leader who also visits ordinary people and was first on the scene when parts of the country flooded.

The DPRK is a socialist country, it is based on the social and collective ownership of the means of production, distribution and exchange. The people are the masters of everything. Marshal KIM JONG UN does not own any property or have any personal wealth . His residence etc is the property of the state.

There is no ‘crushing of dissent ‘ in the DPRK. In fact people in the DPRK are able to discuss the planning of the economy at their workplaces and also run their own localities through the people’s neighbourhood unit .

In so-called ‘democratic countries ‘ of the West , Real decisions are not made by elected bodies but actually by the big corporations the banks , the landowners and the upper echelons of the civil service , none of which are elected by the whole people . When did you ever vote for the boss of Amazon or Tesco? When Lloyds Bank took over TSB bank , did you vote for it , were you consulted ?. The simple answer is no!

In People’s Korea, citizens have free housing, virtually free food , free health care ,free education and there is no taxation , therefore there is nothing for people to protest about .In People’s Korea there is the single-hearted unity of the leader ,Party and masses which does not exist anywhere else in the world .

Let us reject fake Left and liberal propaganda against People’s Korea  !

Defend People’s Korea with No Ifs or Buts !