Report of KFA UK Online Meeting to Report Back from the KFA International Meeting .

On the 24th of November ,the Korean Friendship Association of the UK (KFA UK ) held an online meeting (via Skype )  at 1830 hours to report back from the KFA International Meeting that was held in Tarragona , Spain . Participating in the meeting were KFA UK officials , members and activists from London , Yorkshire , Staffordshire and Scotland . International guests from  Bulgaria ,Switzerland , Spain , Turkey and USA also participated in the meeting .


Dr Dermot Hudson , chairman of KFA UK , introduced the meeting saying that the KFA International meeting on the theme ‘ Leadership of respected comrade KIM JONG UN ‘ in Tarragona, Spain was attended by a 2 member KFA UK delegation consisting of himself and George from Yorkshire . 


Dr Hudson said that the KFA International meeting was bigger than the one the year before and some previous KFA International meetings . There had been good international representation at the meeting with delegations from the US , Britain , Switzerland and Germany present as well as a big turnout by KFA activists and members from different parts of Spain .  There was also a large number of speeches sent from different countries . Dr Hudson said that the meeting showed that KFA could not be shut down . 

   George , KFA UK member from Yorkshire  , said he thoroughly enjoyed the meeting and it was great to meet Alejandro as well as KFA delegations from countries such as Germany .


KFA representatives from the US and Switzerland  said that they thought the meeting was great . A KFA member from Spain expressed enthusiasm about the KFA International meeting and said it was good that a south Korean organisation , the AINDF , sent greetings to the KFA International meeting .


There was discussion on questions such as the expansion of KFA organisation in the world , travel to the DPRK and the DPRK’s stance on climate change and environmental issues .


Meeting concluded at  19.58 hours .