Report of KFA UK Public Meeting “ The US Threat to People’s Korea “ 20.5.2023 Liverpool .

The Korean Friendship Association of the UK took the fight to defend People’s Korea  to Merseyside by holding a successful and vibrant meeting the 20th of May at the Casa Bar , Liverpool  at 1400 hours. Attending the meeting were activists ,officials and members of KFA UK , anti-imperialist and anti war activists from No2NatoNo2War , members of the New Communist Party and Workers Party of Britain and members of the public .

Messages of support were received from KFA Germany and the People’s Korea Initiative of Poland The message from KFA Germany read in part “The US are the greatest threat to peace in the world. Their „state territory“ is in reality the occupied and of the american indians, which they stole through war and mass murder, forcing the natives to

live in small reservations….Your meeting against this imperialist war preparation is a very important part of the fight against the

US war preparations against the DPRK. We want to thank you for this selfless fight and wish you best luck for your meeting.Down with US-imperialism!Long live Peoples Korea!

A local KFA UK activist and member introduced the meeting saying that “The Propaganda Offensive Against The DPRK Remains Unabated.

To Justify Us Military Aggression Against The DPRK  The Propaganda

Offensive Remains Relentless And Continues Unabated.

For Over 6 Decades The DPRK Has Been Subjected To Us Military

Intimidation, Provocations, Threats And Extensive Sanctions To

Politically Isolate And Destroy the DPRK Economy.

The Us Warmongers Would Like To Destroy The DPRK”

KFA UK Chairman Dr Dermot Hudson, who had travelled by coach for 6 hours , addressed the meeting on the subject of the US threat to People’s Korea  pointing out that “In fact, the danger of war and threat to People’s Korea has increased greatly and taken a sinister turn. It is probably at its highest since the end of the Korean War or Fatherland Liberation War in 1953”  Dr Hudson in his presentation denounced the recent US-south Korea summit and the so-called ‘Washington Declaration ‘ He also drew attention to the participation of British Royal Marines in recent military exercises in south Korea.

Dr Hudson concluded by saying “We in the Korean Friendship Association of the UK(KFA UK) believe in defending People’s Korea , Korea of Juche with No Ifs or Buts . The DPRK is the most independent country in the world and has a unique socialist system . The DPRK is a country that abolished taxation yet has free healthcare , free education and even free housing .

The struggle to defend People’s Korea and expose the aggressive role of the US on the Korean peninsula is also part of the struggle for world peace and for anti-imperialist independence .

KFA UK demands that all ongoing and planned military exercises by the US and south Korea in south Korea and the surrounding region should be cancelled . US troops should be withdrawn from south Korea along with any US nuclear weapons “

Lively discussion followed .Subjects such as the US role in south Korea and massacres in south Korea , media hostility to the DPRK and hostility from so-called progressives towards the DPRK were mentioned . Some participants argued that there is an element of racism in hostility towards the DPRK .

The meeting concluded at 16.30 hours..