Report of Online anti -south Korean puppet rally and seminar 20.11.2023

Report of Online anti -south Korean puppet rally and seminar 20.11.2023


The Korean Friendship Association of the UK(KFA UK) held a successful online anti-south Korean puppet rally to protest against the visit of the south Korean puppet fascist dictator Yoon Suk Yeol to Britain . The event was held via Skype on the 20th of November at 1830 hours .Participating were activists and members of KFA UK from London , West of England , Staffordshire , Merseyside and Yorkshire as well as KFA Germany , KFA Bulgaria , the People’s Korea Initiative of Poland plus supporters of the DPRK and anti-imperialists from many parts of the world .


A message from KFA Switzerland was read out which said in part “We heard that this puppet of US imperialism will come to London from November 20 to 23.


We fully support your picket of the south Korean puppet “embassy” and wish it a full success.


Yoon’s visit clearly shows his collaboration with British imperialism, a close ally of US imperialism, against the North.


We hope that Yoon’s junket will face a strong protest also from other strata of progressive and peace-loving people in the UK.


Dr Dermot Hudson Chairman of KFA UK said that protesting against the visit of Yoon to Britain was an important part of the struggle to defend People’s Korea as well as the struggle for Korean reunification and to support the south Korean people in their struggle .


Dr Hudson pointed out that all the rulers of south Korea have been puppets and that ‘South Korea is today occupied by 30,000 US troops . It pays for the privilege of being occupied by the US , only puppets and traitors to their country would agree to pay upkeep expenses to the tune of over $1 billion.Numerous shackling and aggressive agreements , pacts and treaties such as the ROK-US Mutual Defence Treaty of January 1950 , were concluded. South Korea became a forward military base of the US and a bullet shield. The armed forces of south Korea are still subject to wartime operational control of the US army.US troops in south Korea enjoy extra-territoriality and cannot be tried by south Korean courts for crimes they commit.Crimes committed by the US troops in south Korea include murder ,theft and rape.’


The chairman of Staffordshire KFA UK branch in his speech referred to the repressive nature of south Korea particularly the infamous National Security Law which bans communist and leftist activities in south Korea. The speaker also denounced the repression of the trade unions in south Korea and the denial of the right of free collective bargaining . The speaker concluded that Yoon is not welcome in Britain and Korea should be for Koreans.


The vice-chairman of KFA Germany said ‘So we see that Yoon is not serving the interests of the south Korean people but of the US bourgeoisie,which exploits and oppresses the working people of south Korea and wants to escalate a nuclear war against the DPRK through its aggression


The KFA UK Organisation Secretary and head of KFA UK West of England said that there are parallels between Israel and south Korea as both are illegal regimes and both are created by imperialism.


Dr Hudson stressed the need to the support the Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front of south Korea .


The videos from the Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front of south Korea such as ‘Wild War Hysteria ‘, ‘What Sort of Man is Yoon Suk Yeol’ and ‘Drag Down Yoon Suk Yeol “ were shown .


The online event concluded at 1950 hours GMT