Speech of KFA UK Liverpool representative to the KFA UK public meeting ‘The US Threat to People’s Korea”


The Primary Contradiction In The World Is Between Us Imperialism And The Rest Of The World Whom It Wants To Control And Dominate Politically, Economically And Militarily.

The Power of US Imperialism Is Related To Its International Economic Strength Which Is Now In Decline With The Us Economy Close To Collapse.

The US Government Has A Debt Of $31 Trillion Whereby $400 Billion Is Needed Annually To Service This Debt.

US Workers Are Experiencing Increasing Inflation And The Cost Of Food, Petrol Prices And Energy Prices Are Rising.

Interests Rates Are Increasing And 3 Major Banks Have Recently Collapsed.

Economic Growth Is Shrinking In Sharp Contrast To China’s Rapid Economic Growth.

Despite This Looming Economic Black Hole Defence Firms Continue To Be Awarded Annually With Weapons Contracts Worth 100’s Of Billions Of Dollars.

At 14.8% The Military Budget Is The Largest Portion Of Us Federal Budget.

In 2022 The Us Senate Authorised A Record $858 Billion In Defence Spending Overwhelmingly Supported By A Bipartisan 83-11 Majority.

On The 9th May Northrop Grumman Was Granted A Contract Worth $244.68 Million By The Missile Defence Agency For The Development And Evaluation Of Ballistic Missile Defense Systems Systems. In 2020 Raytheon Co. Received $2.1 Billion Contract To Develop Sm-3- Block- Icb Missiles Aimed At Intercepting Medium Range Icbm Fired At Japan From China Or The DPRK.

The US Imperialist Aggression And Hostility Towards Both China And The DPRK Remain Undiminished With Us Foreign Policy Fueled By The Us Military Industrial Complex.

Foreign Wars And Enemies Justify The Need To Purchase And To Procure More Advanced Weapons Systems.

In 2022 Us Military Spending To Support The Fascists In Ukraine Reached Nearly $50 Billion Dollars For Weapons, Training, And Logistical Support Involving Advanced Surveillance And Radar Systems. The Infantry Arms And Equipment Supplied Has Been Phenomenal Including –

13,000 Grenade Launchers

160 155mm Howitzers And Ammunition

38 Himar Systems

50,000 Grad Rockets

31 Abrams Tanks

45 T-72b Tanks

109 Bradley Fighting Vehicles

1 1700 Humvees State Of The Art Air And Coastal Defence Systems 4,000 Zuni Aircraft Rockets

1,800 Explosive Phoenix Ghost Drones And Sophisticated Radar And Communications Systems

On The 9th May The US Announced A Further $1.2 Billion Fund Their Proxy War In The Ukraine For The Purchase Of Additional Air Defence Missiles, Artillery And Ammunition.

Meanwhile, south Korea Is One Of The Top 10 Buyers Of USManufactured Weapons.

In 2018 south Korea Imported $46.6 Billion Dollars Of Weapons And Equipment From The US And In 2021 Approved An Arms Sale Of $258 Million Arms Sale.

The Propaganda Offensive Against The DPRK Remains Unabated. To Justify Us Military Aggression Against The DPRK The Propaganda Offensive Remains Relentless And Continues Unabated.

For Over 6 Decades, The Dprk Has Been Subjected To Us Military Intimidation, Provocations, Threats And Extensive Sanctions To Politically Isolate And Destroy The DPRK Economy.

The Us Warmongers Would Like To Destroy The DPRK

The Aggressive US Campaign Against The DPRK Is Motivated By The Following Reasons:

Firstly, The Failure Of Their Previous Anti-Communist Military Campaign And Their Hatred Of Peoples Korea And Socialism.

Secondly, A Blood Thirsty Quest For Global Dominance And Plans For Military Expansion In Asia.

Thirdly, Smashing The DPRK Militarily Would Allow The Us To Control The Whole Of The Korean Penisula And Move Its Troops And Missiles Up To Both Russian And Chinese Borders.

Fourthly, The US Military Industrial Complex – A Part Of The Us Ruling Class That Determines Foreign Policy- Would Further Profit By Hundreds Of $Billions Of Dollars In The Manufacture Of Arms And Up Grading Of Weaponry.

Fifthly, , It Would Allow American Corporations To Plunder The DPRK Natural Mineral Resources Which Include Gold, Magnesite, Zinc, Copper And About 200 Other Minerals Estimated By A South Korean Research Institute To Be Worth $10 Trillion Dollars.

Consequently, Those In The DPRK Take The Us Threats And Hostile Rhetoric Very Seriously And Are Justified In Defending Themselves.

The Multi-Media Propaganda War Being Conducted Is Very Sophisticated Involving Multiple Strategies Of Disinformation And Defamation To Condition And Manipulate Public Opinion.

Our Role In The KFA Is To Expose And Refute Us Threats And Lies.

To Convey The Facts And The Truth About The DRPK. A Country Striving For Peace And Unification.

To Defend Peoples Korea! To Defend Its Legitimate Right

To Defend It’s Sovereignty And Independence!

To Defend Its Songun Policy And Right To Protect Its Democratic Socialist System!

On The Platform Today We Have Dr Dermot Hudson General Chairman Of The KFA  Who Has Visited The DPRK Many Times And Has An Extensive Knowledge Of The DPRK The Threats It Faces Today From The United States.