Statement of KFA UK in regards to the detention of the KFA President comrade Alejandro Cao De Benos

London 02.12.2023

KFA UK was very shocked yesterday afternoon to learn that KFA President Alejandro Cao De Benos had been arrested in Spain at the request of the FBI . However we were relieved that he was released from detention and is safe and well .


The detention of comrade Alejandro was most unjust .It was a politically motivated action and part of an intrigue by the deep state of the US and some other countries  to destroy the Korean Friendship Association . They want to criminalise support for People’s Korea !


The incident shows how false the so-called ‘democracy ‘ and ‘human rights ‘ that are advocated by the imperialists and their liberal friends is . Supposedly we live in a ‘democracy ‘ but those with opinions that are different to the status quo are arrested or kicked out of jobs.


US laws can only apply on US soil not in Spain or anywhere else . The allegations against comrade Alejandro anyway are inaccurate and false .


The timing of the arrest is not coincidental . The arrest happened days after the highly successful KFA International Meeting in Barcelona . It is as if the US is trying to take revenge against comrade Alejandro and KFA  !

Alejandro is totally innocent of doing anything wrong. KFA UK expresses its full solidarity to comrade Alejandro Cao De Benos , to international KFA and KFA Spain !


KFA will never be silenced !


Defend the Korean Friendship Association !


Defend People’s Korea !


KFA UK 02.12.2023