The Day When NKNews Staked Out and Harrassed the KFA UK Picket of the south Korean puppet embassy- a trip down memory lane


Last weekend we, KFA UK, held a successful picket of the south Korean puppet embassy to protest against the war exercises of the south Korean puppet regime and the increased repression of the south Korean puppets towards reunification activists and trade unions. The picket was well received and passers-by expressed positive views.

However, my mind went back to the days of 2013 when our KFA UK picket of the south Korean puppet embassy was targeted by the scum of the NKNews gang. In November 2013, the fascist puppet ruler of south Korea, the insane Park Geun Hye ( a devil-worshipper) made a state visit to Britain and was wined and dined by the then Tory-Lib Dem government. KFA UK decided to hold a protest outside the south Korean puppet embassy against the visit. We planned the protest for the late afternoon/early evening.

When I arrived at the picket it was still light although already the light was fading. A few of us had already arrived. Suddenly, out of nowhere two figures appeared and walked towards the picket. At first, I thought that they were KFA UK members I had not met come to join the picket. As they got nearer I could that were middle-class, hipsterish types. I thought to myself they are probably called something ‘Josh ‘or ‘Tarquin ‘ or ‘Sebastian ‘. Then one of them spoke ‘ We’re from NKNews, we want to film the picket ‘. Immediately my guard went up for even then, NKNews had a notorious reputation for anti-DPRK and anti-KFA propaganda. They had even carried an article calling KFA UK ‘ useful idiots ‘. I was stunned by the fact that after heaping such vile abuse on KFA UK, they dared to show their faces and almost expected us to welcome them to the picket. It turned out that the one who spoke to me was none other than Oliver Hotham who was years later to write an article full of lies and slanders about both KFA UK and myself. Neither of the pair had Press cards and as far I know they were not NUJ members, in other words, not proper journalists (NKNews is not run by real journalists ).

Clearly, NKNews was and is a creation of the CIA, the south Korean National Intelligence Service (NIS) and several Western intelligence services. Who else would fund such an outfit?

I refused to be interviewed by NKNews and so did some other KFA UK members. One militant KFA UK member told them that the DPRK is a workers’ paradise. The NKNews staff were trying to finger KFA UK members to find out who they were and get them sacked from their jobs.

Suddenly, a small figure appeared and started filming the picket with a tablet. He spoke to Hotham and the other NKNews gang operative. This person turned out to be a DPRK ‘defector ‘ (traitor) who styled himself ‘Joo Il Kim ‘( we were later told by the DPRK Embassy that this person had stolen the pay of KPA soldiers so left the DPRK to avoid justice). I said to Hotham ‘You have brought him here, haven’t you? ‘. Hotham denied it lying to my face, such a shameful man! The ‘defector’ run around the picket harassing people and also illegally filmed the picket. I was told later that in fact, the ‘defector ‘ had followed and then chased a picketer down the street and into a tube station. NKNews were responsible for this. I now realise that NKNews had planned to create a physical confrontation at the picket and then film it and write a story about it. This is how these people create the so-called ‘news ‘ by staging incidents.

There was one other curious thing. A well-dressed, official-looking middle-aged man, appeared out of nowhere and engaged in an intense conversation with Hotham and his cohort. Who was the man, we do not know to this day? Maybe he was from the Foreign Office or MoD perhaps MI6 or MI5? Someone remarked that it looked like he was giving Hotham orders, was he the intel agency handler for the NKNews gang?

With hindsight, I now realised that what NKNews were really doing that day was trying to break up the KFA UK picket of the south Korean puppet embassy. They had probably been paid to do so by the south Koreans. NKNews aim to destroy any support or solidarity with People’s Korea.

No one should have any illusions about NKNews, they are not ‘independent ‘ but an arm of the state, funded by the US and other governments.

Dr Dermot Hudson

KFA Official Delegate UK

Chairman KFA UK