U.S. Double Standards Slammed by KCNA Commentary

U.S. Double Standards Slammed by KCNA Commentary
Pyongyang, December 9 (KCNA) — Since the DPRK’s reconnaissance satellite “Malligyong-1” was successfully launched and put into commission, startling the whole planet, the U.S. has been so far running amuck with anti-DPRK hostile moves.

World media and experts made positive comments that the DPRK’s showing off its reconnaissance technology is never negative for the region in the long run and Pyongyang’s possession of a reconnaissance satellite can help make the situation of the Korean peninsula rather stable.

However, the U.S. brought up in vain the DPRK’s open and aboveboard exercise of its sovereign right to the UN arena, branding this as a “grave threat to regional and world security”, only to make a fool of itself before the world community.

Far from drawing a lesson from it, it zealously defended the launch of the south Korean puppets’ spy satellite that was carried by its carrier rocket, making a sophism that “the nature was different in terms of observance of international law.”

Now then, is the south Korean puppets’ spy satellite a tourist appliance for watching scenic mountains and spots instead of military locations?

The puppets themselves massively advertise their building spy satellite network by riding on the back of their master, talking big that it will raise the ability to monitor the DPRK’s strategic objects and is for mounting a preemptive strike in contingency.

It is monstrous to talk about so-called legality over the launch of a spy satellite of obvious military and aggressive use that targets the surrounding powers as well as the DPRK.

The U.S. turned a deaf ear and kept its mouth shut when Japan launched an intelligence-gathering satellite “Radar 7” last January and when Israel put into orbit a spy satellite “Ofec-13” to be used for beefing up the monitoring of the Middle East area in March.

But the U.S. badmouthed the DPRK, labeling its launch of a reconnaissance satellite as a “violation of the UNSC resolution”, while shielding its minions. This shows that the U.S. is totally preoccupied with conflicting and biased double standards.

In view of the Outer Space Treaty defining the development and use of space as a universal right of UN members, there is no room in infinite space for application of the gangster-like American-style double standards of denying and trampling down others’ rights.

No country can sacrifice others’ self-defensive right for its own security.

The reality urges the DPRK to build up the physical capability in a more overwhelming and offensive way so that it can defend its existence and development from the hostile forces’ escalating anti-DPRK moves.

It is the firm determination of the DPRK to make its deterrence posture more thorough and effective by putting more different reconnaissance satellites into orbit in a short time to gather all information about anti-DPRK military actions in the major areas of operational concern including the Korean peninsula and the Pacific.

The DPRK’s reconnaissance satellites starting with “Malligyong-1” will become lookouts in space and powerful telescopes to provide plenty of real-time valuable information about the hostile forces’ anti-DPRK military moves and perfectly carry out the guiding role for the DPRK’s toughest strike if necessary. -0-

www.kcna.kp (Juche112.12.9.)