United States Encouraging Child Labor

The situation of illegal child labor in the U.S. is now getting worse.

According to the recent U.S. media report, the State of Arkansas passed in March a bill to remove the stipulation that children between 14 to 15 needed work permit before they got a job, and Ohio legislature has allowed children of the same age group to work until 9 p.m., much longer than the working hours permitted by the federal law.

Also in Minnesota and Iowa, the bills that would relax the provisions of the Child Labor Laws are going through enactment procedure. The number of child workers employed by the local enterprises has reached as many as 250,000 across the country.

All the above clearly indicates that the issue of child labor and exploitation is becoming more serious in the U.S. and the moves to legalize the illegal child labor is getting ever more blatant.

In the U.S., child laborers under 10, younger than the minimum age for employment, often get injured or even killed by various accidents during their employment in illegal work.

Protecting the rights of a child is of particular importance among human rights issues.

The human rights issue is in essence about ensuring human rights, which is attained through the medium of national laws.

However, in the American society, the barren land of humanity where egoism, jungle law and money-talks mentality prevail, even children are regarded as an object of exploitation and oppression by the ruling class and the capitalists, and thus the children fade away in the course of backbreaking labor to eke out a living rather than receiving social and legal protection.

The tragedy is that the U.S. administration is going to legalize the current situation of immoral and inhuman child labor instead of providing legal guarantee for the children’s human rights.

The reality shows that the ensuring of genuine human rights can by no means be compatible with the political goals of the ruling class and the mercenary interests of the capitalists in the U.S. claiming to be an “exemplary human rights state.”

A human being should be given precedence over politics and conscience and morality over the law.

The Convention on the Rights of the Child adopted at the UN General Assembly in 1989 stipulates that children should be protected from all kinds of abuses and be provided with the rights to education and rest. The U.S., however, has yet to sign the Convention.

It is ironical that the U.S., which pays no heed to “human rights” of its own children, finds fault with “human rights”, especially the rights of the children in other countries, having no scruples about interfering in their internal affairs and overthrowing the governments.

Thanks to the politics of noble love for posterity of respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who feels the happiest and most rewarded at the bright laughter of the younger generation, the happy life and beautiful dreams of our children are coming true by dint of pure conscience rather than legal obligation, by noble morality rather than the tradition of a country of courteous people as well as by the beautiful custom of the country rather than the social requirement. They are ever-blooming while the children enjoy such social benefits as the universal compulsory free education, the system for nursing and upbringing of children and the universal free health care.

Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un said that a moment’s delay in the work for our coming generation will result in the tenfold and hundredfold procrastination in the advance of the country, and that nothing could be given higher priority than the caring of the country’s future generation. Though pressed for time with many state affairs, he personally assumed the responsibility of the gardener who grows the future of the country, bestowing all sorts of love and affection upon the children.

There are many countries in the world, and all with children. But no other children in the world are happier than our children who fulfill their beautiful dreams and give full play to their potential thanks to the warm blessings of the sun in the most civilized and up-to-date educational and living environment.