Announcement from the UK Korean Friendship Association

UK KFA does not support any political party but will work with any political party that supports the DPRK and support the objectives of the KFA which are
Show the reality of the DPR Korea to the world
– Defend the independence and socialist construction in the DPR of Korea
– Learn from the culture and history of the Korean People – Work for the peaceful reunification of the Korean peninsula.
Our door is open to members of all parties,groups and individuals who support those aims. We have members of several different political parties in UK KFA including a former member of the Conservative and Unionist Party .
We warmly welcome the support of any party that wants to work with us and help build KFA


UK KFA is willing to give press interviews to most media outlets ( there are a few exceptions such as certain tabloids and the infamous CIA fake news site whose name we will not mention) . We are particularly open to being interviewed by the following Telesur RT , Sputnik , Presstv and any non imperialist outlet