Down with Radio Free Asia Lies !

The UK Korean Friendship Association denounces the vile and despicable lies of “Radio Free Asia ” against People’s Korea. their lies have plumbed new depths !
‘Radio Free Asia ” is a CIA and US imperialist propaganda radio station broadcasting fake news across Asia. It is more than a cold war anachronism , it aims at regime change as well as smearing and slandering People’s Korea and other progressive and independent countries in Asia .
As the DPRK pointed out that ‘ The US established “Radio Free Asia” by dint of law passed in US Congress on January 25, 1994. It is running a 15-hour broadcast on a daily basis in different languages (Chinese, Tibetan, Burmese, Vietnamese, Korean, etc.), and more than 80% of which is consistent with the infusion of American ideology and culture while slandering and criticizing ideas and cultural systems of other countries