From the Korean Association for friendship with the European countries of the DPRK Committee for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries- About the Victory in the great Fatherland Liberation War

Dear comrades and friends,

Every year in July it feels as if a hurrah by the Korean people is being echoed on this land, upon the victory in the Fatherland Liberation War achieved under the command of the great leader President Kim Il Sung on the 27th July 1953.

Indeed, to go back to the 3 years of furious war, we cannot but only fill up our hearts with admiration at the outstanding military wisdom, incomparable courage and wise leadership by President Kim Il Sung and great merit and feats performed by our elder generations to overcome the hardest and the most severe trials never seen before in the history of our motherland and in the world.

It is being told that the first type of collective fight which can be characterized as a war began during the primitive ages 500.000 years back from now.

Since our times saw endless wars taking place on our planet and outstanding military commanders through it, but never before saw such a commander as our President Kim Il Sung who defeated a grand enemy equipped with all modern military armaments on the strength of the power of the people.

When the US imperialists relied on the mass-killing military hardware, our President believed in the people, the most powerful and resourceful creature in this world.

As a result, the US had to kneel down before the Korean people, having suffered a huge loss in manpower and material resources: it was estimated to be more than 2 times of the loss suffered by the US in 4 years of pacific war during the World War II, although they had mobilized more than 2 millions of military armed forces, incorporating 1/3 of land forces and 1/5 of navy forces, majority of Pacific fleet and part of Mediterranean fleet, 15 satellite states, south Korean puppet army and Japanese reactionaries plus all modern armaments.

Thus 3 years of Korean Liberation War recorded a great history which proved in reality an utmost truth that great people come after a great leader.

Times have passed since the day when gunfire stopped in the smoky battle fields and the shells became rusty in the trenches, but the war exploits by the great leader President Kim Il Sung and the great history of the victory in the war is being handed down from posterity to posterity.

Dear friends,

Your dedication to the work for friendship with Korean people who hold in esteem the leadership of the great leaders, your contribution made to build up a new world which knows no wars have always inspired and encouraged our Korean people in their struggle.

We take this opportunity to once again deliver our appreciation to you and your organizations for all sincere activities in praise of the exploits of the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung who brought about a precious victory in the Fatherland Liberation War.

on behalf of Korean Association for friendship with the European countries