Genuine Defenders of Human Life


Many days have passed since the anti-epidemic system of highest emergency was put in operation with the advent of the hard times that may well be termed the greatest turmoil in the history of our country.

During these days, many beautiful stories have been told endlessly touching the hearts of everyone. Such stories can be found only in our country as we are one big family holding the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un in high esteem as our father.

Determined to share his destiny with the people and wishing that peace and laugh would settle again in all families across the country as soon as possible, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un sent reserve medicines prepared by his family to the families in need. People of excellent virtue and traits leave traces of patriotic loyalty and pure conscience in today’s emergency anti-epidemic campaign following the ardent love and affection and noble will of dedication to people by the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un. Among them are our health workers.

Those include the people of medical institutions at all levels who left their sick families and gave their whole-hearted devotion to the treatment of the people, people who volunteered for the treatment of the people though they live on social security after having worked in the health care sector for several decades, medical students who spared no knowledge or efforts for medical examinations of the people, and a responsible village clinic doctor who walked long distances every day for medical examinations of the people assigned to him and for supply of medicines before he died in the line of duty.

Our health workers are displaying communist virtue and traits with a sense of duty that they are responsible for health and lives of our people whom our Party set great value on and love. Their good deeds are in sharp contrast to inhuman deeds of doctors in the capitalist society in which human affection and love are trampled underfoot and faded away by money-is-almighty principle.

There are quack doctors who gave the cold shoulder to COVID-19 patients for they lack money and insulted a female COVID-19 inpatient as a drug addict for the mere reason of being a black woman – such are so-called doctors in the capitalist countries including the U.S. that are chanting the catchphrase of “equality for all” and “public welfare”.

Therefore, a new word is coined and going viral among people in the capitalist countries – “hospital refugees” referring to people moving from one hospital to another for medical treatment because they cannot afford it.

The above reality shows that even a hospital equipped with up-to-the-minute medical facilities will be reduced to a hotbed of crimes robbing working people even of their meagre penny permeated with their sweat and blood when it is devoid of people-oriented health care system and policy, and of public health workers with true love for human beings.

Our health workers are devoting themselves to the anti-epidemic work being conscious of the sacred duty entrusted upon them by fatherland; they place state affairs above their family affairs. Such health workers are the true possessors of noble outlook on life who are educated and trained under the socialist system in which we uphold in high esteem as the great father, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un endowed with ardent love for people.

Thanks to these genuine defenders of human life, the advantages and vitality of our socialist health care system will be brought to full play.