History of Powerful Independent Country



75 years have passed since the founding of our glorious fatherland, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK).

Greeting this significant day, our people are proudly looking back on the 75-year-long history of the DPRK which has recorded only victories as a prestigious independent state under the outstanding leadership of the great leader.

In his early years, President Kim Il Sung elucidated the truth that independence is the life of the masses and the soul of a country and nation. He accomplished the historic cause of national liberation under the uplifted banner of independence by our own efforts, and founded the dignified DPRK to create a genuine independent and sovereign state.

Resolutely smashing the pressure from dominationists and big powers, he maintained a strong independent stand during the entire course of leading the revolution and thus laid the solid foundations for an independent and powerful country.

Chairman Kim Jong Il embodied fully the idea of independence cherished by President Kim Il Sung and led the revolution and construction in our own Juche-oriented way. Even during times of unprecedented hardships and trials, he built the DPRK into an invincible politico-ideological and military power holding high the banner of independence and self-reliance.

The DPRK is being honored as a powerful independent state in the eyes of the world over the century. As we hold in high esteem another peerlessly great man respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, the DPRK stands today in the limelight of the world as a socialist power maintaining a strong independent stand, self-reliance and self-respect.

With strong faith in the work to turn the DPRK into a world-famous superpower of independence and self-reliance, respected Comrade Kim Jong Un worked world-startling miracles by giving full play to the mental strength of self-sustenance held by the people closely rallied behind the Workers’ Party of Korea.

The DPRK was in the harshest conditions due to escalating isolation and stifling maneuvers of hostile forces coupled with natural calamities and global health crises, which could have led others into collapse and disruption many a time. In the face of such challenges, the DPRK did not simply survive, but it leapt to a greater and faster progress. We owe this brilliant phase of development to respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who has a firm faith in independence and wisely leads our people to become strong with a spirit of independence.

Today, the world progressive peoples admire the stamina of the DPRK that shoulders the destiny of socialism and the cause of global independence and is advancing vigorously along the track of independence guided by the Juche idea. They also express their confidence in our state and people who would create miracles and changes the world has not yet witnessed under the leadership of respected Comrade Kim Jong Un.

Juche Korea has advanced and grown stronger by dint of independence and self-respect under the wise leadership of great leaders. It will open up the greatest era on this land in the future, too, as it so did in the past.