Immortal Exploits of Leading to Victory the Struggle for Defending Socialism


30 years ago Chairman Kim Jong Il published the immortal classic work “Socialism is the Lifeline of Our People”. In the work, he reaffirmed the invincibility of socialism and clearly expounded on principled issues arising in safeguarding and advancing the socialist cause.

Today our people are recollecting with deep emotion the immortal exploits of Chairman Kim Jong Il, who imbued our people with a firm belief in socialism and led the struggle for defending socialism to victory.

When the imperialists were on a vicious anti-socialist offensive against our country, taking advantage of the collapse of socialist systems in Eastern Europe, Chairman Kim Jong Il published other classic works such as “Our Socialism Centered on the Masses Shall Not Perish”, “The Historical Lesson in Building Socialism and the General Line of Our Party”, “Abuses of Socialism are Intolerable” and “Socialism is a Science” and illuminated the philosophical principle that socialism will surely emerge victorious for its scientific accuracy and truthfulness.

Chairman Kim Jong Il also led to victory the struggle for defending socialism and the socialist construction by means of do-or-die will and superhuman efforts in the face of the worst conditions and circumstances. Thus he proved in practice that the independent cause of the popular masses is righteous, socialism is a science and that socialism will surely prevail.

Under the wise leadership of Chairman Kim Jong Il who visited outposts and socialist construction sites one after another, our entire people turned out as one and waged a vigorous struggle, thus achieving victory after victory in the unprecedented struggle for defending socialism.

Under the uplifted banner of anti-imperialism, Chairman Kim Jong Il led to victory the struggle for defending socialism resolutely crushing the imperialists’ aggressive maneuvers. This is the crowning achievement of Chairman Kim Jong Il.

Today, the world progressive people are praising that the achievement of Chairman Kim Jong Il who safeguarded the Korean-style socialism by Songun politics would shine forever throughout the century.

Our socialist cause pioneered by the great President and led by the great Chairman is now vigorously advancing along its invariable road under the outstanding leadership of respected Comrade Kim Jong Un.

Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un put forward the people-first principle as the main mode of socialist politics and unreserved service for the people as our Party’s way of existence. He is writing a new history of love for the people on this land and is opening up an era of overall development of socialism.

While seeing the brilliant reality of our country, numerous foreign friends are highly praising that the DPRK, even in the throes of hardship, continues to develop and advance, winning victory after victory and get more powerful, and that it is the steady will of Kim Jong Un, President of the State Affairs to invariably follow the road of socialism pioneered by President Kim Il Sung and glorified by Chairman Kim Jong Il.

With the pride and dignity of holding the great leader in high esteem, our people will defend our most precious socialism to the end, and will build a people’s paradise without fail.