.Kumgang, a World-famous Mountain 



Kumgang, situated in the northern part of the Thaebaek Mountains in the middle of the eastern coast of Korea, is known as a mountain of unparalleled scenic beauty in Korea and a world-famous mountain.

The mountain, 60km long from north to south and 40km long from east to west, covers an area of 530km2. It presents majestic natural scenery, which features 12 000 mysteriously-shaped peaks with Piro  (1 639m) as the main peak, myriads of fantastic rocks and cliffs, deep gorges, big and small waterfalls, crystal-clear streams flowing along the valleys and pools, beautiful sea (East Sea of Korea) and lakes, rare animals and plants.

As it forms a world-class biodiversity and coastal biosphere reserve protection network, the mountain, a tourist resort with many historical relics that showcase the long history of the Korean nation, was registered as a world biosphere reserve in July