Neo-colonialist Attempts that Warrant Total Rejection

A long time has passed since the time when facism to enslave humankind of the world came to an end and when the people of colonial countries subjugated by Western powers raised cheers of hurrah for national liberation. However, a great number of people of the world still suffer from aggression and subordination, exploitation and oppression.

This is because specific countries are becoming more and more undisguised in their neocolonialist attempts to put developing countries under strict control in terms of politics, the economy and military and rob them of their immense wealth.

Sometime ago, a Bulgarian expert in international affairs made his own comment to this effect that, although the West European countries – former suzerain states – are now giving every appearance of having abolished colonialist relations, they are still exerting their influence and sweating former colonies to the last degree by means of bribing privileged circles in those countries, plotting a coup d’état, backing separatist forces, fomenting disorder and instability, etc.

A Nicaraguan newspaper also pointed out that many NGOs manipulated by the West have infiltrated into developing countries and are hellbent on creating social mistrust and confrontation and depoliticizing the states and opposing socialist movement under the pretexts of “reducing those at the poverty line”, increasing “democratic values”, “human rights” and so on. It went on to categorically reject the acts of the Western countries to overthrow governments of the progressive countries and put them under the yoke of subordination.

Holding political supremacy by means of overthrowing governments of developing countries and rigging up puppet regimes fall under one of the provisions instituted by specific states in realizing their neocolonialist policies.

In order to realize neocolonialism and excercise privileges, an indispensible prerequisite to exploitation and plunder, they conduct on a massive scale their acts of interfering into internal affairs and infringing upon sovereignty of sovereign states while asserting about “democracy” and “human rights”. They also use multifarious NGOs and humanitarian organizations as a tool for coup d’état and anti-government conspiracy.

The political servants of unknown identity who pentrated developing countries under the specious excuses of “human rights” and “justice” are causing extreme socio-political instability and disturbances by conducting extensive disinformation campaigns that incite mistrust and conflict between the state and the people and widely spreading Western values and culture that numbs the anti-imperialist consciousness of the people. All this has been affording specific countries a favourable condition for commiting interference and aggression.

Specific countries interfered into the internal affairs of many countries in the world over the recent anti-government riots and detention of the anti-government figures. This is a living proof that specific states are carrying forward deliberate and premeditated plots to overthrow governments of the sovereign states and that their tricks and course of action have assumed much more cunning and vicious nature.

Such acts of specific states do not end in a regime change itself. The reactionary nature lies in that they block progressive development of the state and the whole of society and extort the country’s economic rights and interests root and branch, thereby forcing upon the people constant misery and sufferings and the destiny of latter-day slaves.

Sovereignty is indeed the life of people that cannot be bartered for anything else in the world as well as an asset of the country that must be defended from generation to generation.

All countries of the world against foreign inteference and aggression should totally reject the neocolonialist attempts of some specific states and make active and concerted efforts to achieve independent development and prosperity of the world.