Papers Call for Demonstrating Mettle of Heroic Workers of Juche Korea

Pyongyang, May 1 (KCNA) — Leading newspapers of the DPRK Wednesday dedicate editorials to the May Day, the international holiday of the workers in the world.
The DPRK’s heroic struggle characterized by great victory and epochal changes and the strong spirit of today’s socialist Korea advancing with pride toward a bright future in the face of all tempests of history are associated with the patriotic devotion made by the Korean workers, Rodong Sinmun says, and goes on:
The workers of Juche Korea are ardent patriots strong in ideology and faith and fighters of self-reliance who invariably take the path of independence and socialism, always following the Party in the ordinary and stormy days.
Self-reliance is just the traditional fighting spirit of the workers and an ever-victorious treasured sword for building a powerful socialist nation.
The events of great significance in the history of the nation and the eye-opening successes in all sectors of socialist construction like economy and culture witnessed in the course of foiling the moves of the hostile forces to stamp out the DPRK’s rights to sovereignty, existence and development clearly proved how strong the Korean workers’ spirit of self-reliance and self-development is.
Self-reliance is just the mettle and working manner peculiar to the workers of Juche Korea.
Unshakable is the will of the workers to strenuously advance along the road of the Juche revolution under the guidance of the Party, holding higher the banner of independence, though they have to take a long and thorny path of revolution.
Minju Joson calls on all workers to demonstrate to the whole world the revolutionary mettle of the workers of Juche Korea by dynamically stepping up the on-going general onward march of self-reliance for developing the DPRK into a powerful socialist country, united single-mindedly around Supreme LeaderKim Jong Un. -0