Report of the 2nd Session of the European Regional Forum for Friendship , Solidarity and Exchange with the Korean People ‘Juche Korea 75 years’

The 2nd Session of the European Regional Forum for Friendship ,Solidarity and Exchange with the Korean people ‘Juche Korea 75 years’

Hosted by the Korean Friendship Association of the UK was held on the 9th of September at 1500 hours BST via Zoom . It was joined by participants from the UK , Austria, Finland , Spain , Switzerland , Germany ,Poland , Russia , Croatia , Greece , Russia , Bangladesh and China.


Dr Dermot Hudson ,chairman of KFA UK and secretary general of the European Regional Preparatory Committee for the 75th anniversary of the DPRK opened the meeting and read out the congratulatory message for the Korean -Europe Cultural Exchange Promotion Agency and from other DPRK organisations and international bodies .


Dr Hudson read out the message from KFA Scotland which stressed that “The courageous defence of their independence and sovereignty allowed the DPRK to forge its path under the Juche philosophy, fully developing the people’s talents. The DPRK has created a society of the highest art, culture, science and technology. A socialist paradise where humans can reach of the highest art, culture, science and technology. A socialist paradise where humans can reach their true potential.”


The head of KFA Austria in his speech to the meeting said that “We must get educated and tear down the walls of lies built around us to prevent us from learning the truth about Korea and sharing it with our fellow people. The „news“ out there are mostly pure fiction and propaganda to keep you uninformed tools of the will of the ruling class. That’s what the so-called „media“ are for. Not information, but manipulation.”


The delegate of KFA Croatia stressed that the DPRK is totally independent and not a puppet of anyone else.


The head of Staffordshire KFA UK branch and secretary general of the British Group for the Study of the Juche Idea said that the DPRK is ever victorious .Moreover it is genuinely democratic  , he pointed out that “the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is the most democratic one corresponding to the aspirations of the popular masses and based on the united forces of the population. Democracy in a lot of countries around the world is a commodity that is bought and sold to the highest bidder and there is apathy and alienation among the ordinary citizens towards the electoral processes in those nations. In contrast, the decision-making process in the DPRK at all levels is actively taken part by the majority of the people.”


The general secretary of KFA Switzerland said that “Over the past 75 years, the DPRK has made remarkable strides in various fields, including education, healthcare, and technology, all while upholding the principles of socialism and self-reliance.”


The head of KFA Greece noted that  “We are certain that the DPRK will live to proudly see even the 100th Anniversary of its existence and we will be there to celebrate together and help our People come closer to the Korean People as much as possible every time.” He also brought the greetings of the general secretary of KFA Greece to the meeting.


The official delegate of KFA Spain and director of the Juche Idea Study Group of Madrid stressed that “The DPRK is an example of independence and socialism for all the oppressed and progressive peoples of the world, who are fighting for true sovereignty and for the construction of communism. It is a giant nuclear power and a prosperous and real socialist state. Therefore, in internationalist and anti-imperialist solidarity, we humbly defend and will forever defend Songun Korea by any means necessary.”


Dr Hudson read out the translation of the speech of the Belarus CPSU and Belarus DPRK Friendship Society named after Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.


The head of the Chollima Youth Front of Poland in his speech stated that

“Today, alongside the global progressive community, we mark the splendid establishment of the DPRK 75 years ago, a historic milestone achieved after years of subjugation and Japanese occupation. “


The meeting was addressed by Alexander Mostov head of the International Solidarity Group with the DPRK who said that “It is our duty to strengthen the movement of international solidarity with the DPRK and do our best to frustrate the US propaganda campaign aimed at dehumanizing the DPRK in the eyes of the world community “ .


Speakers from the Russian , Chinese and German branches of the International Solidarity Group with the DPRK addressed the meeting pointing out the resilience and durability of the DPRK  as well as its achievements in education.


Poems from Nepal and Croatia were read out as well as the poetry of KFA UK organisation secretary comrade Alan Bolon.

The documentaries  “A New Era of Overall Development Brought by Great Leadership (2020-2023)” and “People’s Country “  were streamed . Also some clips of the grand militia parade for the 75th anniversary of the DPRK were shown . The music “We Will Travel the One Road Together” was played.


Concluding, Dr Hudson thanked KFA Germany for their assistance . He stressed the need to increase activity to defend People’s Korea . He expressed his hope that one day the flag of the DPRK will fly again over Seoul, Pusan and Taegu .


The event concluded at 1815 hours BST