Savage Country Can Never be Normal State: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, May 18 (KCNA) — Recently, German politicians held a wreath-laying ceremony in Berlin on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War.

The German president sincerely reflected on the war crimes at the meeting once again, saying that “we can never have the past wrongdoings unwritten” and “it is repudiation, not admittance of the responsibility that brings shame”.

It is a normal course to rectify the past wrongdoings and make a good start.

In the last century, Germany and Japan were branded as war criminal states as they brought measureless misfortune, pain and disasters to mankind by igniting the Second World War and the Pacific War.

Up till now, the German government has made deep apology for war crimes committed by the Nazis regime and made systematic reparation to those countries and victims to which it caused manpower, material and spiritual damage.

The sincere efforts of Germany to break with the inglorious past and not to follow in the footsteps of the predecessors have commanded increasing support from the international community.

However, Japan remains in the dock in the tribunal of history on the international arena, still in the shroud of a criminal state until now though over seven decades have passed since the war.

Not content with justifying the hideous unethical crimes against the Asian people, the Korean nation in particular, the Japanese reactionaries, with not a shred of guilty conscience, have now gone more desperate in their efforts to revive them.

They insulted the victims of the state-sponsored sexual slavery unprecedented in human history as “volunteers keen on moneymaking”, made efforts to prevent the statues of sexual slaves for the Imperial Japanese Army” from being erected in all parts of the world and wrote in the diplomatic blue paper the statement reading “such expression as sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army must not be used as it is contrary to fact”.

They made no scruple of answering the demand for reparation to victims of the forcible drafting with vicious economic retaliation.

In March, they examined and approved lots of history textbooks for middle schools which totally distorted, massively reduced and weakened the parts dealing with inglorious past wrongdoings including forcible drafting of Koreans and sexual slavery in order to spur the brain-washing education among young generations.

The island country’s act of denying irrefutable historical fact of the unprecedented war crimes and refusing to make liquidation of the past wrongdoing point to the moral vulgarity and impudence of the savage country.

Japan’s history of aggression in the past can neither be written off nor be justified.

Sincerely reflecting on the crime-woven past is the legal and moral responsibilities and the top priority duty for Japan before the international community.

The savage country praising the blood-stained crime-woven history can never become a full-fledged member of the world and a normal state.

The harder the Japanese reactionaries work to go against the demand of the era and mankind, the greater the international denunciation and cold treatment of the war criminal state will be. -0-