Statement of KFA Australia on NKNews spying case

As we await an official statement from the ministry of foreign affairs of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), the western media organisations are reporting that KCNA have denounced Australian student Alek Sigley for committing acts of espionage. To fully understand the situation at present, one must look to the beginning of Sigley’s stay in the DPRK.
On the 1st of April 2018, the DPRK wholeheartedly welcomed Sigley, giving him the privilege to study Korean literature at the prestigious Kim il-Sung University in conjunction to generously allowing Sigley to create Tongil Tours, a tour company that focuses itself on taking tourists around the DPRK. With Great generosity and trust, the DPRK also granted Sigley unfiltered internet access, also while allowing him to travel anywhere he pleased within the DPRK, which he would later abuse.
Throughout Sigley’s stay in the DPRK, Sigley abused and utilised his privileges in carrying out heinous acts of espionage which included him traveling to and photographing restricted areas, which he would later relay to anti-DPRK entities such as NKnews, a puppet media organisation under full control of the CIA, NIS, and M16 aimed at propagating against the DPRK. It is also speculated that Sigley cooperated with the CIA and ASIO in extracting sensitive information from the DPRK. On June the 27th 2019, with a significant amount of evidence, Sigley was caught “red handed” and was arrested on espionage charges. On July the 4th 2019, Sigley was released out of humanitarian leniency after admitting to his spying acts of systematically collecting and offering data on the domestic situation of the DPRK to anti-DPRK entities.
Furthermore, we believe that the actions carried out by DPRK are justified in defending its socialist system against foreign imperialist interests, the DPRK acted firmly and fairly, also while manifesting true leniency towards Alek Sigley who confessed to his crimes.
– KFA Australia