True to U.S. Call


Recently, the Australian foreign minister issued a statement condemning the DPRK for its test launch of missiles to build up self-defense capacities, describing it as an act of undermining the global non-proliferation regime.

Through this, Australia gave itself once again as being true to the U.S. call.

Australia frequently participates in the U.S.-led joint military exercises aimed at stifling the DPRK militarily. Since 2018, it has dispatched its warships and planes to the vicinity of the Korean peninsula on several occasions every year under the pretext of monitoring the enforcement of anti-DPRK “sanctions” fabricated by the U.S., usurping the UNSC.

It is a huge joke that Australia poses as the guardian of global peace and security.

In September last year, Australia rigged up “AUKUS” together with the U.S. and the UK under the pretext of safeguarding the regional peace and security. It got an agreement from the U.S. and the UK that they will transfer the technology to build a nuclear-powered submarine using highly enriched uranium.

In January, it concluded the “Reciprocal Access Agreement” with Japan laying a legal basis for stationing its troops in Japan. Thus, it has been undisguised in its attempt to station its troops in the region of Northeast Asia which is in a fragile state.

The world public opinion is saying with one voice that the conspiracy between the U.S. and Australia, and their military build-up are posing a new threat to the peace and security of the region and the rest of the world.

Australia often uses the same old trick of provoking us. But it should understand clearly that such a trick cannot help to conceal its act of creating real instability in the region.

To put it explicitly, our measures to build up the military strength can never be subject to criticism and denunciation from somebody as they are perfectly legitimate to safeguard the state and nation in the face of ever-worsening hostile policy of the U.S. towards the DPRK.

Australia had better behave itself by abandoning its nature of blindly following the U.S. as well as its bad habit of picking on the other to justify its wrongdoings.


Ri Dong Chol

Member of Korea-Asia Association