”My imagined life in the DPRK”

My feelings from my heart:

This title has really touched the inner part of my heart. Of course I wanted to live in the DPRK for a long time. I am so glad to write on this title. Thank you so much for choosing the best title dear comrades.

I cannot explain to you with the help of a few words how deep love, respect and affection are in my red heart towards DPRK.  If I am given a chance to live and volunteer in Peoples’ Korea, I will leave  all my 10 million valued property which I had earned working for 11 years by doing very hard work, within the blink of an eye and leave my nation forever for my dream country DPRK. And I will never return to my corrupted nation. I have already dreamt many times working and living and meeting the great leaders in holy land in my dream while I was sleeping at night. I have an undying hope that one day it will come true in my real life in the coming years. Although I live in Nepal, which is more than 5000 miles away from the peoples’ Korea, my heart and soul is in the DPRK. My red heart is full of great, patriotic North Korean love and history. I assure that if People’s Korea gets any difficulty like war, invasion and attack from the imperialists; I will sacrifice my life and fight for such a great, patriotic, holy land happily. If I pass away in the DPRK, my soul will be happy for thousands of years.

I have described my imagined life in the DPRK point wise below.

1)   Great leaders and people:

I am sure that no country has such a great patriotic leader and people on this planet. In fact, it is a universal truth that ” No soil, No life or no fatherland no life”.  And they have been able to understand the power of soil and youths.  And I know that the soil was wet many metres deep with the red blood of thousands of the Korean people. They have protected every inch of their fatherland with the cost of their lives. The border is 100 % secured and the armies are far stronger psychologically, physically and morally than the enemies. The fatherland blue sky has been shielded by red comrades with high pride and strong hypersonic Jets and hypersonic missiles with nuclear warheads. The ocean is covered by Korean socialist red submarines. While writing these words my heart is in the happiest mode and feels most proud and dreaming of weaving the socialist red flag over the land of Juche and doing the hard work with a very happy heart in the land of great, patriotic people.  I also want the same situation in my nation but it never seems to happen.I love everything very much about the DPRK. Whatever systems there are; is human friendly, all living creatures friendly and our beautiful planet friendly. These all great achievements were made by the great and brave leaders and people of the DPRK in the very hard days and years.

2)   True love between families:

Money is everything here in my nation. Money is far stronger than one’s own family member, love and patriotism here. So if I am rich and if I have enough money, I will get love and respect from my family, neighbours, friends, society and even from my wife otherwise there is no chance of standard life and true love. Love has been selling in money here. But in DPRK money is not everything. Nation, family, love and happiness is everything. As the education and health is free there, the burdens of earning money have decreased importantly.

3)   Son and daughter will be equal:

If I was in DPRK, there would not be any discrimination between son and daughter form the side of state. Both would be equal and they both will get equal chances to work and serve for the nation. But in my nation women are just given 33% participation in government services, and social services. It shows that there is still no equality between sons and daughters.

In fact, in my society or in my nation, sons are given higher priority than the daughter because of religious and economical point of view but I do not like this type of thing. In my opinion both sons and daughters are human and precious phenomena of the beautiful planet.  Both are equally important for the human generational cycle therefore DPRK had adopted the best equality law on 30th July 1946 about 76 years ago. Thank you so much dear leader for your highly wise feminist law.

4)   Deep brotherhood between people:

The North Koreans are one for the nation and regard the nation as a big family and people are the members of the family.  There is a high level of brotherhood between every North Korean.  They dance together whether they know or not each other.  There is no need to know each other, they believe in each other. Because they know that they are all North Koreans. They are single and heated with patriotic love and faith. I have seen many videos where people dance and sing together and enjoy themselves. But in our nation, we cannot even sit together with a new person because we cannot believe people here. We are always afraid of new men or women in our surroundings. There are many questions inside our minds about what type of person he is. He may steal me? He may insult me?  He may rob me? He may attack me etc. So our mind becomes full of fears when we come out of our home.

5)   Fearless mind and happy mind:

In DPRK, all people are educated with a highly patriotic approach and all borders have strong and high levels of legal provision and punishment, there is no need to be worried about lies and personality killing cases. There are not the problems of robbery, stealth, murder, contract killer, rape, acid attack and rough driving on the street however in my nation these all things are very common and everything is free for the people who have enough money and power. There is an extremely high level of impunity so my mind is full of fears whenever I come out of my home. In my opinion, DPRK is the place to live for the good people with heavenly qualities and my nation is the place to live with corrupted, narrow minted, money minded, criminal, foreigner agents, and self centred and greedy people so it has been very difficult for me to survive here therefore I want to sift to DPRK and live there forever.

6)   I would be working as a scientist:

Although I have done masters in Management and Economics and now I am planning to do a PHD in economics, my childhood dream was to be a scientist and explore more about nature and the universe. At my school, my favourite subject was science and I used to obtain the highest marks in science. I still remember those beautiful experiments of science in the laboratory under the supervision of my science teacher.

However; when I completed school level or 10 class then, I went to the capital city Kathmandu to join science faculty for higher secondary education but; because of the lack of money, I could not join science faculty. I was very sorry for this and I am still sorry for this. In my nation, after 10 classes I should choose a faculty and science is the most expensive faculty so low income level parents can’t afford for this. I still have the dream of being a scientist therefore I might join the science faculty in my old age because our nation also needs nuclear weapons and chemical industries. But if I was in DPRK I would not have a problem studying science. I would get free education, free books, free dress, and free materials so I could study science vigorously as much as I could and I could have completed my dream and now I would be working as a chemical scientist or an aerospace scientist or a nuclear scientist.

7)   My sister would be completely safe:

If I was in DPRK, my sister would be completely safe from being raped, sexual misbehavior and the target of worst people. There are all people civilised, educated therefore they don’t care about other girls and women. They don’t pay interest in making fraudulent love and wasting and damaging other’s life. But in my nation when a daughter goes out, her family gets a headache until she arrives home safely. Every parent has a severe headache of being their daughter raped, kidnapped, murdered and sexual slaves. In my nation, seven girls or women are raped daily which is really unpleasant to listen. I can still see that some of the people’s job of my society is to search for young girl and have a sex with them. This situation has made me so sad and angry so I am thinking seriously about the ideas of saving young girls in my society. So I have decided to participate in the election of parliament member, if I win the election I will try to pass the law of capital punishment for the rapists and murders etc.

8)   No news of suicide would be heard:

We all know that our life comes only once on this planet and everyone has an aim of fulfilling their basic needs easily without any hard difficulties however In my nation it is very difficult to fulfill our daily necessity so many people commit suicide to take a long peaceful rest rather than taking a lot of tensions and living like an animal on this planet. I am tired of listening the news of suicide committed every day here and I feel very sorry and bad. On an average 18 People commit suicide in my nation every day and I have found out the major  reasons of committing the suicide that are the weakness of the government, not caring of the people, lack of justice, no hope form the government, economical burdens, over debt, depression by scarcity etc. But in DPRK, there are not suicide cases because people are happy enough with the government. They have full hope with the government. They get full support from the government. Everyone has a respectable job to contribute to the nation. Basic needs are easily fulfilled and there is no debt lending system through the capitalist, blood sucking banks. Everyone’s Life is well managed in the DPRK.

9)   No depression to my children:

In DPRK, the education system is very nice. There are not unnecessary subjects at primary level and at all academic courses and years. They all get a chance to learn in naturally decorated, clean, open, dust free, green, panoramic environment with great love, care and affection; so mind of children would be open, happy and healthy however in my nation 9 to 10 books are taught at primary level and books and copies fill a big bag. Primary level students look as if they are porters to carry heavy loads. They are taught a lot of unnecessary things which certainly bother their mind. They are given a lot of unnecessary homework and they are beaten severely if the homework isn’t done. Therefore most of the school children are depressed and not happy any more with school and school’s course, school’s teacher and school’s environment. But it is our compulsion to send our children in such a tense place because leaders of our nation are dump.

10)  Planned economy No price fluctuation:

DPRK has planned economy so they have already calculated the national demands of goods and services and they produce according to their pre planning and supply to the people and the related location therefore there is not the imbalance between demand and supply and prices are constant for many years however in my nation our economy is unplanned and unmanaged, the nation has no fixed panning to fulfil the national demands so 70% of goods are imported from abroad therefore prices are rocketing every day and every week. Therefore it is very difficult to manage life here. As I have experienced, this year the price of cooking oil has increased by 40% and Price of paper has increased by 100%. And another problem is; every year our government increases the salary of government servants by 10 to 20 percents and at the same time the prices of all goods and services goes up in the same ratio or more than that however 80% of population is jobless and how can they tickle with the price rise but the government doesn’t care about it. I am always very surprised by this stupid and unequal behavior of our mindless government.

11)         No prostitutes In DPRK

Prostitution has been completely banned in the DPRK and jobs are provided to everyone. Nobody needs to do such disgusting work to survive but; although prostitution is illegal in my nation women are compelled to involve on it to maintain their urban lifestyle and for many to fulfill basic needs and run their family so we can easily see girls and women   bargaining for money to prostitution with boys or men on the bridges and at parks in the cities. Seeing this heart breaking and pitiable situation, I have been so sorry. They are also human beings; they also want to live in this society respectfully and peacefully however because of poverty, lack of jobs, and desire of earning a lot of money to maintain higher social standards is going to kill them forever. It is really disgusting and has made our society completely worse. I think it is one of the most common features of a capitalist society too.

12)         I would not see beggar

I am tired of giving money to beggars in my town. There are a lot of helpless, homeless, physically disabled people in our town. They ask for money and I cannot see their pitiable situation therefore I give them money and whatever I have. I lose myself deeply sometimes that human life comes only once but also why the people can’t live happily without any lacks. So if I were living in DPRK, I would not see any beggars and homeless because everyone one has been given a free home by the government and a job to everyone and disabled people have been managed with the systematic homes and building therefore DPRK is a paradise to the helpless and disabled people.

13)         Loan Free Family:

If I was living in the DPRK I would be living without any debt with my family because there are not profit making banks in the DPRK. They do not lend debt to the public but they directly invest money on the related field to produce necessary goods and they provide jobs to the people and people earn money from the jobs  however I am living in Nepal and I am facing a huge debt problem.

Not only me, but also every family has debt in our society, except the corrupted leader and very rich family. We have a huge tension that we have to pay the debt on time otherwise the bank will take our home away and we do not have fixed jobs and incomes. The government doesn’t care about this. And capitalist banks are becoming richer and richer by taking high rates of interest from the poor people. And the poor are becoming poorer and poorer which is a really heart rending scene that is commonly available everywhere from city, town to the remote village in my nation.

14)         In conclusion:

Not only my nation, perhaps all the capitalist countries all around the world may have the similar problems as I have been facing. Who wants to live in this worst and unpleasant human exploitative,  happy disappearing , mountains of sadness and pains, troublesome, frauds, lies , blood sucking , uncivilised, hopeless, loveless, disgusting society therefore living in the People’s Korea would be a heaven for me. My real smile and happiness would be blooming like an opening bud in the morning sunshine. My heart and mind would be completely healthy. I would be working for the DPRK as far as possible as far as I could. I would have the whole nation and dear leader to help me. I would never have to weep because of the troubles like poverty and scarcity, similarly; health expenses and education expenses. I would be waving socialist fags along with the millions of red comrades on the holy land of great leaders and people, wishing to live the Land of Juche for millions of the years.

Thank you.

Bhupendra Bishwokarma

KFA Official Delegate In Nepal