American Children – Victims of Gun-Shooting

“Gun-related crime”, one of the synonyms for the United States, is getting more serious with each passing day and the damage to children caused by it is also ever-increasing.

According to ABC’s report, at around 9 pm, on October 2, a suspicious man driving a car in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the U.S., fired a gun at a family in another car, killing an 11-year-old girl on the spot and wounding her five-year-old sister.

This shooting incident is the 148th murder case occurred in Milwaukee this year, and at least 22 young people under the age of 18 fell victims to gun shooting this year.

On October 6, an incident happened in a Senior High School classroom in Dallas, Texas, in the U.S. where an 18-year-old student sprayed bullets to have wounded 4 students in the tussle.

According to the data, it is said that 1,156 young people aged under 17 were shot dead and 3,182 were wounded in the U.S. until now this year.

A society where children can never live in peace and comfort even for a single day due to the gun-related crimes is none other than the U.S. society bragging about civilization.