Banner of Eternal Victory

The banner of Down-with-Imperialism Union (DIU), the origin of our revolution and the creator of the tradition of Juche shines even today in the annals of the sacred struggle of our Republic which makes its presence felt all over the world as the advocate for global independence and international justice, and as the unshakable fortress of socialism advancing along the sure path of anti-imperialist independence.

DIU, the guide to victory and glory throughout its history of ninety-five years!

It encourages and propels our Republic to break through severe adversity and trials of the times solely with the strong spirit of facing everything head-on and to win victory after victory towards the peak of socialism.

DIU, it is the symbol of invincibility of the Korean revolution, the lifeline of the revolutionary cause of Juche and its eternal foundation.

During the times of tribulations when the world could not but accept with obedience the invasion and plunder of the imperialist forces, the great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung declared, with unparalleled clairvoyance and matchless courage, an all-out confrontation with the world imperialism and formed the Down-with-Imperialism Union, the communist youth organization of Juche-type with its fighting goal of building an ideal society of mankind – socialism and communism – all over the world, which was a solemn declaration signifying the start of the Korean revolution and the cause of global independence against imperialism.

The great idea and the strong tradition write the history of victory.

It is thanks to this banner of DIU that the clear fighting goal and line of our revolution were guaranteed, and that our Republic could push forward steadily along the road of socialism without the slightest vacillation, taking firmly the helm of anti-imperialist independence.

The banner of DIU inspired peoples in numerous colonies, who wandered about directionless, with confidence and courage in the past century. Its banner indeed brought about the advent of the era of jubilation and excitement when the flames of anti-imperialism and national independence flared up worldwide, and the earth and sky shook with the hurrahs of independence.

Now the world is feeling much more keenly the validity of the socialist cause of Juche in the imposing appearance of our Republic which is leading the cause of independence against imperialism and the world socialist movement, holding in high esteem at the forefront of our revolution Comrade Kim Jong Un, President of the State Affairs of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) – who has gained the absolute international prestige and boundless admiration from the mankind as the great master of independent politics and the defender of world peace.

Our Republic should invariably advance straight ahead along the road of independence, regardless of changes in the situation and relations around us, and play a role of pioneer in the struggle for achieving global independence as a defender of independence and justice – this is the firm faith and the noble intention of respected Comrade Kim Jong Un.

Good inheritance of the great tradition and proud history is the main source which begets an invincible state and people.

There will be only victories and glories ahead of our Republic and people who are dynamically advancing under the leadership of respected Comrade Kim Jong Un by maintaining the tradition of “DIU” and holding fast to the baton of the revolutionary cause of Juche even though the world may change a hundred times and more, and the raging winds of trial may blow.