Appeal to peace-loving people of the world-The Latin American and Caribbean Regional Committee for Supporting the Reunification of Korea

Appeal to peace-loving people of the world

Peace-loving people of the world!
You will soon greet the first anniversary of the publication of the Panmunjom Declaration, which marked the turning point in the process of peace and reunification on the Korean peninsula, and the first DPRK-US Joint Statement.
The declaration and statement owe much to Chairman Kim Jong Un of the DPRK State Affairs Commission who made a bold decision to defend peace. Upon their publication the world bubbled over with excitement and jubilation as they infused progressive peoples the world over with great hope and expectations for peace and co-prosperity.
The adoption of the crucial documents brought peace to the Korean peninsula, once the most dangerous nuclear tinderbox on earth, which has seen a new era of national reconciliation, peace and prosperity.
Whoever truly loves justice and peace is requested to value the positive trend on the Korean peninsula towards peace and reunification and make a tangible contribution to further improving the current situation by transcending differences in nationality, ideology, politic view and religious creed.
The Latin American and Caribbean Regional Committee for Supporting the Reunification of Korea, in reflection of such requirements of the times, proposes conducting a dynamic solidarity campaign by setting the period between April 27 and June 12, the first anniversaries of the publication of the Panmunjom Declaration and the DPRK-US Joint Statement, as the “period of international action for peace, prosperity and reunification of the Korean peninsula”, and calls  on peace-loving peoples of the world as follows:

First, let us launch dynamic international solidarity actions to see the peace process on the Korean peninsula result in the establishment of a lasting peace mechanism!
It is an urgent task of the times that brooks no further delay to establish the peace mechanism aimed at preventing war on the peninsula, which had long been subjected to a vicious circle of antagonism, jealousy, hostility and threat and exposed to danger of nuclear war.
Let us conduct all forms of activities to foil every attempt to create military tension on the Korean peninsula!
Let us take every possible action to build up public opinion so that every government would positively respond to the just demand of the DPRK for turning the Korean peninsula into a lasting and durable peace zone!
Let us conduct a vigorous public movement to raise the awareness that ensuring peace on the Korean peninsula leads to the promotion of global peace and security!

Second, let us support and encourage the Korean people in their efforts to develop inter-Korean cooperation and exchange and jointly achieve national prosperity!
Many contacts have been made and significant agreements concluded between the north and south of Korea. Such reality clearly demonstrates that the Korean nation is fully capable of achieving common prosperity by its own efforts and will.
Let us conduct a variety of solidarity activities to make a positive contribution to promoting inter-Korean dialogue and exchanges and creating an environment favourable for cooperation!
Let us wage a courageous struggle to lay bare the unlawfulness and immorality of the sanctions hindering the progress and prosperity of the Korean nation and to demand the immediate lifting of them!

Third, let us extend firm solidarity to the Korean people who are striving to achieve their country’s reunification in the spirit of national independence!
At present, the Korean people are out for a nationwide struggle to put an end to their decades-long national division forced by foreign forces and to achieve the reunification of their country.
Let us stage an inclusive movement for giving wide publicity to the validity and significance of the Panmunjom Declaration and for supporting its implementation!
Let us fight against the intervention of outside forces that hinder Korea’s reunification!
Let us form more national and regional organizations supporting Korea’s reunification and further expand their ranks!

It is a precious truth shown by human history that no force on earth can check the advance of the peoples fighting for justice and peace.
We are convinced that peace-loving peoples the world over will raise their voices, in response to our appeal and with a deep sense of mission they assume on behalf of the times and history, to support the just cause of the Korean people who are longing for peace, prosperity and reunification of Korea.

The Latin American and Caribbean Regional Committee for Supporting the Reunification of Korea

Mexico, 15th of April   2019