“Malignant Tumor” in the U.S. – Juvenile Delinquency



In the New Year, too, there is a growing concern over the acts of juvenile delinquency known as deep-rooted “malignant tumor”, which are becoming more prevalent in the U.S. from the beginning of the year.

Some time ago, the U.S. CBS, conveying the fact that murder cases in the major cities of the U.S. have increased by 37%, reported that the hallmark of recent crimes in the U.S. is an increased number of teenagers involved in crimes, unlike the past times.

Recently, Director of the FBI also said that, among the members of the law enforcement agency including policemen, one person is being killed at the hands of criminals almost every 5 days. Especially, he lamented that the increase in the juvenile violence rate is a typical example showing the serious criminal situation in the U.S.

As the proof would have it, students in their teens and twenties sprayed their classmates and lower-class students with bullets on the campus in Washington D.C., and Iowa, resulting in a series of horrible incidents in which several students were killed and wounded.

According to the latest opinion poll by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the U.S, the schizophrenics are on increase among the juveniles in the U.S. who are pessimistic and in despair about the future, and a half of every 10 teenagers reportedly answered that they have conceived of committing suicide or crimes.

And the number of U.S. teenagers who have used drugs and stimulants since 2015 amount to 38%, higher than that of adults (15%).

One may guess with little difficulty what the future holds in store for the U.S. where mentality of the juvenile has come to this pass.

The higher inflation in the U.S. is making the rich ever richer and the poor ever poorer, and it is none other than young people who suffer most from that.

The above reality shows that the U.S. is indeed a living hell of trampling on the precious dreams of young people and pushing them to death, depravity and crimes, where all social evils – i.e. money-is-almighty principle, the jungle law, and the rich get ever richer and the poor get ever poorer – are reigning supreme.

In capitalist countries like the U.S., the rich indulge in depraved orgies while the poverty-stricken majority shed bitter tears, cursing the ill luck of having been born as a human being in the struggle for existence.

Money determines the worth of a human being; extreme egoism and the jungle law prevail; material wealth created by the majority is being enjoyed only by a few. Herein lies reactionary, anti-popular and degenerate nature of the U.S., a corrupt and ailing society.

Though the American politicians, the privileged class and its mouthpieces are bent on embellishing the capitalist society by preaching so-called “material prosperity” and “superiority”, it is nothing more than an absurd nonsense aimed at covering up the reactionary nature of the capitalist system which is corrupt to its core.