Message of Support from KFA Switzerland

Dear comrade Dermot, dear comrades from KFA UK,

The Swiss Korea Committee (KFA Switzerland) protests against the slanderous video What is Juche and why do weird Westerners like it?, produced by the US youtube channel “Black Red Guard”.

The video, made by a US citizen affiliated with the Democratic Party, is a dirty and reckless anti-DPRK propaganda provocation.

The Democratic Party, the party to which US President Biden belongs to, clearly demonstrate that no other that the US government and its president are the masterminds of this ugly provocation which aims to stifle the DPRK.

The demonisation of socialist Korea and its supporters and comrades cannot intimidate us. It is a helpless cry against the ever rising sympathy of progressive people for the DPRK.

These agents of US imperialism are afraid that the DPRK could attract more and more people who are suffering of misery of capitalism. The ridiculous phrases about the “liberation of the US” and “liberation of Britain”, which is not at all a goal of the DPRK which respects other nation’s sovereignty, clearly shows this.

There are the US who try to destroy the DPRK, not vice-versa.

We denounce also the personal attacks against supporters of the DPRK and against the KFA UK.

Using materials from Songun007 and the KFA UK is illegal and criminal also.

Dear comrades, we express our firm solidarity with you who were slandered by these villain propaganda. We wish you success in fighting against it.

Comradely regards

Swiss Korea Committee (KFA Switzerland)