Statement of KFA UK , the SONGUN007 Youtube Channel , the British Group for the Study of the Juche Idea and Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK  in regard to the Slanderous and Criminal Attack by US Youtube channel.



On the 19th of September , the US Youtube channel ‘Black Red Guard ‘ ,which is run by a US citizen who is a member of a faction of the ruling Democrat party , published a video titled ‘What Is Juche And Why Do Weird Westerners Like It?’. The very title is profoundly slanderous and malicious .It is an insult to Juche idea followers and supporters of People’s Korea .The very title denigrates those who work hard to support People’s Korea . Moreover ,the video aims at demonising not only the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea but also those who support it . It is no different to propaganda from the imperialist mainstream media .


The video uses ,without the consent or permission, materials from the SONGUN007 and Korean Friendship Association of the UK Youtube channels . This is an illegal action.


The ‘Black Red Guard ‘ Youtube channel turned comments off so that people could not reply.


Frankly speaking there is little to answer in the Video as it is mostly cheap propaganda and a series of vile personal attacks . All ‘Black Red Guard ‘ does is to repeat mainstream media propaganda against People’s Korea .The video reaches a new level of buffoonery by even claiming that the DPRK plans to ‘liberate the US ‘ and ‘liberate Britain’ .A large part of the video is just libellous and mendacious personal attacks .


The real aim of ‘Black Red Guard ‘ is to try and stifle , to silence supporters of People’s Korea on social media .


Whatever ‘Black Red Guard ‘ may try to claim or pretend  his video serves the US imperialist propaganda machine and is objectively an agent of US imperialism .


We will not be silenced by such scum ! Let’s increase our efforts on social media 10 times and 100 times !


We appeal for more support and solidarity !


Korean Friendship Association UK

British Group for the Study of the Juche Idea

Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK

SONGUN007 Youtube channel