Report of UK KFA AGM 22.06.2019

The UK Korea Friendship Association held its Annual General Meeting on the 22nd of June at 1900 hours in , central London.
The meeting was received a message of greetings from comrade Kim Song Gi  Minister at the DPRK Embassy , London who sent the following speech titled “Believe in People As in Heaven ” which read in part ;
Have you ever heard about a country in which people are worshipped as the God? I have
witnessed such a surprising reality.”–this is what a European figure said to journalists after
visiting the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.
President Kim Il Sung (1912-1994), founding father of socialist Korea, believed in his
people as in heaven.
In his memoirs With the Century, he wrote: “The people are my God” has been my constant
view and motto. The principle of Juche, which calls for drawing on the strength of the masses
who are the masters of the revolution and construction, is my political creed. This has been the
axiom that has led me to devote my whole life to the people.
He regarded the masses of the people as omnipotent beings possessed of inexhaustible
strength and wisdom, and raised their position and role in historical development to the highest
level. Thus the Korean people, once subjected to humiliation and contempt, have enjoyed due
respect as dignified citizens of the DPRK.”

Andy Brooks editor of the New Worker and general secretary of the New Communist Party bringing greetings to the meeting and stressed the need to step up solidarity with the DPRK . He supported the positive peace proposals of respected Marshal KIM JONG UN.

Dr Dermot Hudson chairman of UK KFA spoke about the 25th anniversary of the passing away of the great leade comrade KIM IL SUNG saying that “n. Indeed President KIM IL SUNG  was the father of  modern Korea and the founder of socialist Korea. Moreover he wast like a father to a the Korean people as he established a socialist system which gave them  full employment , free education , free health care , housing and many other things that in other countries are regarded as an impossibility. President KIM IL SUNG also worked for the independent reunification of Korea , in fact he had been planning a summit with the south Korean chief executive before he passed away . President KIM IL SUNG fought for world peace and global independence .  For the people of the DPRK losing President KIM IL SUNG was like losing their parents .
However rallying under the leadership of the great leader comrade KIM JONG IL , the successor to the great leader comrade KIM IL SUNG , the Korean people turned sorrow into strength and did not let grief defeat them but carried on the Juche revolutionary cause and worked hard to to build a better and more prosperous socialist country.
The reason why it seems like only yesterday that comrade KIM IL SUNG passed way rather than a quarter of a century ago , is that his memory burns brightly . Comrade KIM IL SUNG is alive as the  Juche idea, the idea of independence and self-reliance and alive in the pulsating reality of People’s Korea .
We in UK KFA salute the memory of the great leader comrade KIM IL SUNG !”

Dr Hudson also spoke about the 3rd anniversary of the election of dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN saying that ” The election of dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN as the Chairman of the newly created State Affairs Commission three years ago on the 29th of June 2016 fully reflected the enthusiastic support of the entire Korean people  for the dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN who is leading the Korean people to victory !It was a clear manifestation of the unanimous will of the Korean people as well as their deep reverence for respected Marshal KIM JONG UN as well  their profound trust in him.It was an example of people’s democracy in action because dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN was unanimously elected by the Supreme People’s Assembly which in turn had been elected by the people decisively . Unlike the UK where only 68.7  per cent of electors voted , in the DPRK the Supreme People’s Assembly was elected by nearly 100 per cent of electors !
Dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN has been at the helm of the state and party of the DPRK for several years  leading it to victory after victory against the imperialist reactionary forces. He has implemented the great revolutionary line of building the nuclear force and economy in parallel and has greatly improved the living standards of the Korean people turning the DPRK into a paradise of socialist bliss for the people.Under  of dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN leadership  the deterrent force of the DPRK has been increased and the DPRK is maintaining robust independence”

Dr Hudson then read out a report of work of UK KFA saying that  “Basically we have kept up a phenomenal level of activity .
On Facebook we have 5,061 likes and about 1,400 followers on twitter.”

I would say that the two biggest successes were the Poster exhibition and the KFA Scotland inaugural meeting. The Scotland meeting was attended by 17 people and the atmosphere was really positive and enthusiastic , another meeting is planned for August . My thanks to all those who worked hard to make those two events a great success.”

Reports from KFA Scotland , Staffordshire KFA and the Organisation Secretary of KFA  were read out
Dr Hudson’s report and the reports from Staffordshire KFA, the UK KFA Organisation Secretary  and  UK Communications Secretary and denounced the traitor to UK KFA Meads for trying to destroy UK KFA and for his betrayal .

All UK KFA Officials were re elected .

A session on the way forward for UK KFA was held . Many suggestions were made such as organising a film show , more cultural events , a Q and A session with embassy staff and other ideas.

A resolution on peace on the Korean peninsula was adopted and 2 messages to respected Marshal KIM JONG UN were adopted .

A film show was held .

An exhibition of books including the works of President KIM IL SUNG was organised attracting great interest.