Speech on the 3rd anniversary of the election of respected Marshal KIM JONG UN as Chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK made by Dr Dermot Hudson to the UK KFA AGM

The election of dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN as the Chairman of the newly created State Affairs Commission three years ago on the 29th of June 2016 fully reflected the enthusiastic support of the entire Korean people for the dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN who is leading the Korean people to victory !It was a clear manifestation of the unanimous will of the Korean people as well as their deep reverence for respected Marshal KIM JONG UN as well their profound trust in him.It was an example of people’s democracy in action because dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN was unanimously elected by the Supreme People’s Assembly which in turn had been elected by the people decisively . Unlike the UK where only 68.7 per cent of electors voted , in the DPRK the Supreme People’s Assembly was elected by nearly 100 per cent of electors !
Dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN has been at the helm of the state and party of the DPRK for several years leading it to victory after victory against the imperialist reactionary forces. He has implemented the great revolutionary line of building the nuclear force and economy in parallel and has greatly improved the living standards of the Korean people turning the DPRK into a paradise of socialist bliss for the people.Under of dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN leadership the deterrent force of the DPRK has been increased and the DPRK is maintaining robust independence.
In 2018 the DPRK victoriously concluded the work of building the economy and nuclear force in parallel and has now embarked a programme of socialist construction under the banner of self-reliance.
Dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN has put forward the brilliant idea of self-development first which is creating a great upsurge in socialist construction . New streets such as Ryomyong Street have appeared . Despite the intense sanctions of the imperialists the economy is prospering and living standards , this is what our delegation witnessed in September 2018 when we visited the DPRK.
His recent policy speech in April this year titled “On Socialist Construction and the Internal and External Policies of the Government of the Republic at the Present Stage” Marshal KIM JONG UN stressed the need to adhere firmly to self-reliance saying that “Whatever wind may blow and whatever challenges and difficulties may lie ahead, our Republic will, in the future, too, make no concession or compromise over the issues concerning the fundamental interests of our State and people. It will resolve everything on the strength of self-reliance and self-development, stepping up the building of a powerful socialist country in our own way and by our own efforts.”

Measures for easing tensions and creating a peaceful environment have been taken by dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN who is carrying forward Juche-based diplomacy , even winning victory over the US on the negotiating table. To many of us , a war between the US and DPRK seemed inevitable , a question of when and not if . However Marshal KIM JONG UN skifully defused the situation by holding 2 summits with the US president . During the past year the DPRK’s international relations have soared . Marshal KIM JONG UN has visited China , Vietnam and Russia and held a meeting with the President of Cuba.
Thanks to respected Marshal KIM JONG UN 3 inter-Korean summits were held within the space of 6 months .These inter-Korean summits created firm foundation for lasting peace, prosperity and reunification .
Only victory and glory are in store for the Korean people under the leadership of dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN , Chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK !