Thoughts on the DPRK and Covid 19


The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has not had a single Covid 19 case or death from Covid 19 . This shows the superiority of the Juche-based socialist system and the absolute correctness of the policies adopted by the DPRK in order to counter the inroads of the Pandemic . The measures taken by People’s Korea stand out in contrast to the total incompetence and idiocy of the establishment here . The DPRK closed its borders back in January . However in the UK although we are supposed to have a lock down , airports remain open bringing people from highly infected areas such as the US , Spain and Italy. Why haven’t  they shut the border  ? What are they afraid of ?

There is another strength of the DPRK that is not remarked on ;  namely the fact the country has been unable to survive and not being affected by the fact that its border has been closed for 11 months . Western capitalist countries are clearly scared of taking such a decisive measure and it is said that many would not survive or cope after 3 months .

Moreover when the DPRK was hit by floods and typhoons in August and September causing a great deal of damage both to housing in rural areas and crops . The leadership of the Workers’ Party of Korea took a decision to reject outside aid because of the danger of bringing Covid 19 into the country . Thousands of new homes were built in the rural areas in the space of months and given to people free of charge . The speedy response of the DPRK in the spirit of self-reliance demolished the argument of the imperialists and revisionists that you cannot build socialism without outside aid .Indeed the DPRK ‘s experience proves that socialism is superior and can overcome both pandemics and natural disasters.