Wild Theater of Child Abuse


At the recent 48th Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council, several countries expressed their strong concern over the trafficking in persons and forced labor in the United States.

Spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry pointed out in an answer to the question put in this connection by a journalist on September 23 that the U.S. annihilated the native American Indians and promoted the slave trade in the past; the phenomena of trafficking in persons and forced labor are yet serious in the U.S.; and the international society therefore needs to keep watch on these practices and to take necessary actions.

According to the data, nearly 100,000 people were annually trafficked to the U.S. during the past five years, and they are subject to extreme form of labor exploitation, working over 72 hours a week.

More shocking is the fact that hundreds of thousands of children are reduced into the victims of miserable forced labor in the U.S., and they die from the cruel hard labor within 7 years.

Children are usually compared to flower buds.

In the United States, however, these buds are being nipped off before coming into blossom.

According to the statistics of a data-collecting institution, over 260,000 children are detained in refugee camps in the U.S. and the detention period is over 100 days and even more than 5 years.

All the data and statistics are not readily believable.

Taking into account the fact that the U.S. is the only country that has not approved the Convention on the Rights of the Child, one can easily understand how the medieval acts of human rights violation and child abuses, only to come across in historical novels, are overtly committed in the United States.

It is preposterous that the U.S. – which forces into miserable fate the flower buds who deserve happy lives, enjoying all kinds of care and love – is accusing the human rights situations of other countries.