Japanese Crime of Destruction and Plunder of Korean Cultural Assets in the Past (14)From Friend.com.kp



The initial targets in the Japanese destruction and plunder of the Korean cultural assets were the old tombs of different ages distributed throughout the country.

It was age-old custom of the Korean nation to protect and keep the tombs of their forefathers carefully and make sacrifices to their ancestors with all sincerity.

The Korean nation particularly valued the protection and upkeep of the mausolea of the founder kings of successive dynasties and the ancestral rites to them.

The mausolea of the kings of the successive dynasties the Korean nation had been holding so sacred and preserved and kept through generations were miserably destroyed and plundered by the barbarous atrocities of the Japanese invaders.

The Japanese digging-up, robbing and destruction of the Korean old graves went to the extreme during the China-Japan war and Russia-Japan war.

The historical records go “the Japanese cultural assets looting group made a great inroad to Korea during the 1894-1895 China-Japan war. Before and after the 1904-1905 Russia-Japan war they thoroughly dug up the tombs of Koryo dynasty in Kaesong, the capital city of Koryo and in the area round the Kanghwa Island”.

The records show that the Japanese invader troops dug up all that had the shape of a mausoleum during the China-Japan war.

Not a few of them were dug up twice or three times.