Japanese Past Crime of Destruction and Plunder of Korean Cultural Assets (13)From Friend.com.kp



Japanese themselves admit that Japan has more Korean bells than Korea itself does.

A subsidized historian Tadashi Sekino revealed the plunder of the Korean bells of many dynasties by saying there were only a few of the bells made during the Silla dynasty in Korea and so he could study the style of the bells of those days to the full because Japan has sufficient bells of the Koryo times.

Hujita Ryosaku, a part-time employee of the government-general of Japan during the Japanese occupation of Korea justified the record of Tadashi Sekino in his writing titled “Koryo Culture” that Korea has only a few of Koryo bells because most of them were registered in the list of the Japanese national assets under the name of the Korean bells.

Japanese insist many Korean bells to be their own national assets.

The facts prove the deep-rooted Japanese historical invasion and plunder of Korea.