Japan’s Planned Release of Nuclear Contaminated Water to Sea Is Challenge to Humankind: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, November 17 (KCNA) — The Japan Atomic Energy Regulation Committee recently confessed that it had continuously set wrong the lower limitation value of radioactive materials during its recent maritime surveys of the waters around the Fukushima Atomic Power Plant.

With this it has become clear that the radioactive pollution in the areas around the Power Plant will never coincide with the survey data published by the government, and that the situation is worse than what has been known.

At a trial of the previous management team of the Power Plant who were charged for not taking measures against the massive tsunami and causing huge damage though they knew all about it, the Japanese authorities passed the verdict of “not guilty” to the accused, which was bitterly denounced by various public circles.

This is a vivid example of the unpopular attitude of the Japanese government taking the life and security of the people lightly.

In the past Japan claimed that all the issues related to the Fukushima Atomic Power Plant accident had already been “perfectly” solved. It even went so arrogant as to vouch that radioactively polluted water “won’t cause any problem as it has low concentration”, at which the international community had been shocked.

But, it has been widely known that the areas around the Power Plant is still in serious pollution and tens of thousands of people are living in plight in evacuation camps due to the consequences of ecological and environmental destruction. Even cancer patients are on increase among those who came back home unable to stand the evacuation life.

Had the Japanese authorities been truly concerned for the life and security of the people, it might have taken note of this and exercised prudence in the survey of radioactive materials.

But it was not until after it has become impossible to cover up their wrongdoing any longer that the policy-makers confessed their setting the lower limitation value of the radioactive materials wrong.

Far from making heart-felt apology to the people for this, they went busy reeling off a string of excuses that such an error occurred because they failed to correctly convey the survey code when they changed the survey unit in May last year.

They even announced their stand that they won’t suspend the release of nuclear contaminated water of the Power Plant to the sea, insisting that it is “clean water”.

There is no guarantee that the error found in the maritime survey attributable to the wrong setting of the lower limitation value won’t happen in the survey of the nuclear contaminated water.

If nuclear contaminated water is released to the waters off Fukushima famous for strong sea current, the radioactive materials will spread to all waters around the world within a few years.

Japan again clarified its stand to release nuclear contaminated water of the Power Plant to the sea now when there is increasing international concern for it, thus making a frontal challenge to humankind’s efforts for clean ecological environment.

The release of radioactively contaminated water is a crime of pouring nuclear disaster upon mankind openly and intentionally.

The Japanese authorities should stop at once the shameless act of unhesitatingly doing harm to the life and security of their own people and destroying the earth environment and sacrifice humankind to meet their selfish aims. -0-