“Korea, ever victorious land of Juche”-speech of KFA UK Chairman and Official Delegate to KFA International Meeting in Barcelona , Catalonia Spain

“Korea, ever victorious land of Juche”

By Dr Dermot Hudson , UK

Dear comrade KFA President

Dear comrades

Fellow KFA members

It is a great pleasure to be here in Barcelona , Spain or Catalonia , to join this 21st KFA International meeting on the theme of   “Korea, ever victorious land of Juche”. I bring greetings from the  Korean Friendship Association of the UK to this meeting and hope that it will be successful .

    Over the past two years both KFA and KFA UK have come under attack from hostile forces but we have survived  ! KFA is attacked because we tell the truth about People’s Korea . We defend People’s Korea with No ifs or buts , often 24/7 . We defend People’s Korea with enthusiasm , we are not half-hearted about it. That is why they hate us so much .Our enemies want to shut down KFA and silence the voice of truth defending People’s Korea.

The theme of this meeting ‘ Korea, ever victorious land of Juche” is a most appropriate one .Under the banner of Juche and the leadership of dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN , People’s Korea is winning victory after victory .It is indeed ever-victorious with Juche .

Today the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is the only country in the world without a single case of Covid 19 or a single death from Covid 19 . By contrast ,puppet south Korea, which the imperialist mainstream media like to advertise as  a ‘bastion of the free world ‘ and a liberal’ human rights paradise’, has 344,000 cases of Covid 19 and 2689 deaths from Covid 19( at the time of writing ) . In the UK there are 8 million cases of Covid 19 and 138,000 people have died from Covid 19.

Although People’s Korea faces very intense sanctions from the US imperialists and their puppet UN Security Council , these have virtually no effect on it and the country is growing rapidly . Whole new streets such as Mirae Scientists Street and Ryomyong Street and  not just streets but a city , Samjiyon City in the far north , have been completed . At the moment 10,000 new flats are under construction in Pyongyang . How is the DPRK able to carry out massive construction projects  while being under sanctions ? Some countries would have collapsed many times over . It is also worth pointing out that the DPRK closed its borders 21 months ago , some countries would not last a few days with their borders closed . Here in the UK we suffered problems because of withdrawing from the European Union and because we simply imported many things that could be easily produced at home. So it is the secret of the DPRK , why can it withstand sanctions and blockades.? The secret is the Juche idea that was first authored by President KIM IL SUNG and developed in depth by Chairman KIM JONG IL . As the great leader President

KIM IL SUNG said “ As a result of the establishment of Juche and self -reliant efforts ,we have been able to advance the country ‘s revolution as speedily as possible and win victories and success surmounting manifold hardships and trials .Juche and self-reliance , these are the basic guarantees for our achievements ‘.

By applying the Juche idea and the spirit of self-reliance , the DPRK has built a powerful independent national economy which can produce anything from a wristwatch to a nuclear capable Intercontinental Ballistic Missile .  The independent national economy of the DPRK enables it to stand on its own two feet and withstand the sanctions of the imperialists .

Once the Soviet revisionist boss Khruschov offered to supply electricity to the DPRK from the USSR , President KIM IL SUNG rejected the offer saying that if they disagreed with the USSR , then Khruschov would turn off the electricity and leave the DPRK in darkness . Today the UK has energy shortages because it relies on other countries for power . Britain could learn a lot from self-reliance and the idea of an independent national economy .

 The application of the Juche Idea has given the Korean people many great benefits such as the abolition of taxation , free education , free health care , virtually free housing , low cost public transport and very low cost food .

 Under the leadership of respected Marshal KIM JONG UN , there have been great victories in the field of national defence which have been achieved by applying the Juche principle of self-reliance in national defence . The DPRK became a H bomb possessing country in 2016 and also an ICBM power , basically crossing the nuclear finishing line .

 In past months we have seen very important achievements such as the successful test of a rail based ballistic missile , making the DPRK one of the few countries in the world with rail-based missile, the launch of a hypersonic missile and the test of a new type of Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile . Thus the DPRK is able to defend itself from the invasion of the imperialists and at the same guarantee not only an independent peaceful life for its citizens but also peace and stability on the Korean peninsula .

The Juche idea has created a unique and harmonious society of single-hearted unity around the leader and the Party . Everyone is united on the basis of the Juche idea . There are no disturbances , riots or strikes in People’s Korea . Some socialist countries this year suffered from internal disorder but such a thing would be impossible in People’s Korea where everyone is united and the infiltration of imperialist ideology and culture is firmly rejected thanks to the Juche idea .

If you have the opportunity to visit People’s Korea as I have done 18 times you will see a clean country , a well ordered country , a country that is going forward fast . A country without homeless people or beggars , without drug addicts or prostitutes or pornography. A country where people sing of the joys of life . This is the reality of People’s Korea, the ever-victorious land of Juche .

We in KFA UK must  redouble our efforts to spread the truth about People’s Korea and do more to defend it and show the reality of People’s Korea to more and more people . We hope that this international meeting will make a great contribution towards this goal.

Long live People’s Korea ,ever-victorious land of Juche !

Long live Juche !

Long Live self-reliance !

Long Live the Workers Party of Korea !
Long Live respected Marshal KIM JONG UN !

Dr Dermot Hudson

KFA Official Delegate for the UK and Chairman of KFA UK.

Chairman British Group for the Study of the Juche Idea.