“Special Beings” of Korea


A few days ago, the staff members of the diplomatic corps in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) visited Pyongyang Baby Home and Pyongyang Children’s Home. A special correspondent for the Chinese Xinhua News Agency who accompanied the visit, termed the baby homes and children’s homes of the DPRK as “special kindergartens”.

This can be said as another special “name” given to Pyongyang Baby Home and Pyongyang Children’s Home.

That is because no other word can be found except the one of “special” to express Pyongyang Baby Home and Pyongyang Children’s Home which were built into marvelous cradles for the children who enjoy all blessings of the world there.

Pyongyang Baby Home and Pyongyang Children’s Home built in style at the best place on the riverside of picturesque Taedong River truly resembles a palace.

What the children receive in the Homes is also special treatment.

No wonder that foreigners who visited Pyongyang Baby Home and Pyongyang Children’s Home were amazed to see each storehouse full of fish, meat, dairy products, confectionery, fruit and vegetables.

Orphans-the synonym of misfortune, live a high life under the special care of benevolent father, without knowing even the word sadness of orphans. Then how can we help calling them “special”?

The happy images of our children can be found not only in the baby home and children’s home in Pyongyang. It can be found everywhere – in baby homes, children’s homes, primary boarding schools, secondary boarding schools, children’s palaces, and children’s hospitals that were built splendidly in all parts of the country.

Everything is scarce and difficult due to severe disasters brought by the wildness of nature and the pandemic crisis. Even under such a situation, special measures are taken for the children in our country, producing continuously the legends of love for posterity and future.

Our children enjoy all blessings, singing the song “We are the happiest in the world” under the tender loving care of respected Comrade Kim Jong Un. They are indeed the “special beings”, the “kings and queens of the country”, the envy of the world.