Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un’s Work Conveyed to Participants in National Conference of Teachers

Pyongyang, September 4 (KCNA) — Talk Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un had with leading officials of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea on August 22, Juche 108(2019) “Teachers Should Fulfill Their Duty as Career Revolutionaries in Implementing the Party’s Policy on Bringing About a Radical Turn in Education” was conveyed to the participants in the 14th National Conference of Teachers.

In the work the Supreme Leader clarified that the purposes of the 14th National Conference of Teachers are to powerfully arouse all the teachers to implementing the party’s policy on bringing about a radical turn in education, to enhance the overall educational level of the country and further expedite the building of a socialist country of education and a talent power.

He said that achievements, experience and shortcomings in the course of implementing the party’s policy on bringing about a turn in education should be analyzed and summed up and practical matters for bringing about a drastic improvement in education be discussed at the conference to make it an occasion of a turning point in developing the education of the country.

The Party set forth the policy on effecting a radical turn in education in the new century to glorify our country as a country of education and a talent power, emphasized the tasks for materializing them in several important conferences including the 3rd plenary session of the 7th Central Committee of the WPK and made sure that the entire party and the nation and all the people turned out in the drive for their implementation, he said.

He pointed out that education has not yet been kept up with the party’s intention and it is left far behind the worldwide trend in the development of education.

He emphasized the need to draw a serious lesson from those mistakes and set them straight as early as possible.

He said that we face heavy yet sacred tasks of bringing about a drastic turn in education and expediting the building of a powerful country of education and a talent power as much as possible. He continued:

The building of a powerful country of education and a talent power precisely means the building of an economic power and a powerful socialist country. Education is one of the most important state affairs and it represents the lifeline of the drive for building a powerful socialist country.

Science and technology are a locomotive propelling the economic development of the country and an important criterion demonstrating the state power while the matrix of those science and technology is education.

The competitions among countries become science and technology competition, education competition underpinning it and competition for more talents, and its fierceness reminds one of an invisible war. Developed countries make study of the potential changes in the future society and set the orientation of future education and shape education strategy and policies for education of talents before spurring them.

The intention and determination of our Party at present are to bring about a drastic turn in education, definitely put the level of education of the country on the world’s most advanced level in a short period and bring up all the students to be revolutionary talents who would shoulder upon the future of the powerful and prosperous country.

Talents demanded by our Party today are revolutionary talents working for the socialist construction with full awareness about the Party, the revolution, the country and the people, and creation-oriented talents possessed of profound technical knowledge, versatile knowledge and high pursuit and application ability.

Effecting a turn in education should not just be done by way of repeating or following others but be done by creative, innovative and forward-looking way of challenging the world, competing with the world and going ahead of the world so as to make the level of education of our country excel other countries.

Teachers have to fulfill their responsibilities and duties as career revolutionaries in order to thoroughly carry out the Party’s policy on bringing about a turn in education and successfully build a powerful country of education and a talent power.

Bringing about a turn in education is, in essence, effecting a turn in the qualifications of teachers who are like frontline soldiers in effecting a turn in education.

All the teachers must become firm roots and rich compost for the education of future generations and hold high the flame of a drastic turn in education under the uplifted banner of “Let’s bring up students to be able revolutionary talents and guarantee the future of the country!”

All the teachers must possess high qualifications and noble personality as career revolutionaries and work with sincerity at their posts all their life.

The teachers should possess high qualifications.

Qualification of teachers just means the qualification of education and high caliber of students and the speed of the country’s advance.

The teachers should possess noble virtue as educators.

The teachers should dedicate themselves to the education of future generations with noble sense of responsibility.

They should have the attitude and stand that they are responsible for their students before the country not only during their school days but also after their graduation from schools

They have to become genuine revolutionaries and ardent patriots before becoming educators.

The Supreme Leader stressed the need to put primary efforts on strengthening the teachers’ camp in order to realize the Party’s plan on building a powerful country of education and a talent power. He went on:

Strengthening the teachers’ camp is a prerequisite to developing education and an important guarantee for building a powerful country of education and a talent power.

As primary and secondary school education are very important for the growth of people, teachers entrusted with the education of primary and secondary school children should be trained in a qualitative way.

University teachers’ camp has to be strengthened.

The Supreme Leader said that in order to successfully build a powerful socialist country of education and a talent power, it is imperative to update education system, improve the contents and methodology of education and put the education on a scientific basis in the education field to meet the modern trend of the development of education and pedagogical requirements.

Priority should be given to primary and secondary education and primary efforts must be put into it, he said, and continued:

Higher education should be improved and strengthened.

Education must be put on a scientific basis and education management be improved and enhanced.

Education management should be put on a regular footing so as to make education administration institutions and schools in Pyongyang and provinces honor their responsibilities and roles.

Proper work should be planned to introduce things advanced in those countries with developed education to suit to the specific conditions of our country.

The Supreme Leader underlined the need to thoroughly establish the trait of giving top priority to education and talents throughout society. He went on:

Officials, commanding officials of the revolution, should work for education with their sleeves rolled up.

State investment in education should decisively be raised and material conditions necessary for education should be fully provided.

The social trait of prioritizing education should be set up and all the people have to turn out in improving education conditions and environment as parents would do for their own children.

The social trait of respecting teachers and treating them preferentially should be established.

The Supreme Leader called for further enhancing the role of the Party organizations in implementing the party’s policy on education.

He said that intensified drive should be waged to prevent practices tarnishing the image of the socialist education system in our country such as teachers complaining about conditions and getting keen on preserving their posts only, far from devoting themselves to the education of future generations.

Kim Jong Un in the work called on all the teachers and education officials to dedicate wisdom and enthusiasm to education of future generations, well aware that they are directly responsible for effecting our style turn in education, and thus fulfill their responsibilities and duties as frontline soldiers on the front of educating talents and career revolutionaries. -0-