Peerlessly Great Man Who Provided the Most Superior Idea and Method of Leading Masses

In the past, the work system and method of the party, state and economic bodies were limited to the outdated patterns. Furthermore, officials’ leading level also lagged behind the developing realities.
Penetrating deep into such actuality, President Kim Il Sung advanced the policy of improving the work system and method in accordance with new environment at the December Plenary Meeting of the C.C., WPK in Juche 48 (1959) and wisely led the struggle to implement it.
He chose the then Kangso County and Chongsan-ri as model units for creating a new work method and sent a leading group to them. On February 5, Juche 49 (1960) he came out to Chongsan-ri for a field guidance.
Staying in Chongsan-ri for several days, he matured his plan about a new idea and method of leading people with which to organize and mobilize all Party members and other working people to make a great Chollima leap forward.
He presided over a historic general meeting of Chongsan-ri Party Committee on February 8, Juche 49 (1960).
At the general meeting he delivered a historic speech “For Proper Operation of Socialist Agriculture” in which he illumined a highly important guideline to improve the work system and method in keeping with the demand of new environment and bring about a rapid leap in the agricultural production.
As there is the great leadership of our Party winning one victory after another with the most powerful and revolutionary idea and method of mass guidance, our cause of building a powerful socialist country is advancing more vigorously.
Kang Won Nam